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    Corruption vs Democracy – who poisoned the well?

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    By Ben Townsend Studies suggest that cases of corruption are increasing in the United States, whilst democracy is failing. But the land of the free is not alone. Across the world, similar trends are appearing. Is there a correlation? And if so, who is to blame?  The past two years for American politics have been…

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    Opinion: Why we need to understand the ‘nonsense’ of economics

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    By Ben Townsend After a few drinks last Christmas, I entered into the annual “festive fracas”, an obligatory political stand-off at the dinner table that often blurs the line between diplomatic and grossly offensive. My foggy memory recalls tackling issues with a friend of the family such as untrustworthy newspapers, authoritarian television licenses, and costly…

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    Farewell Trevor: The world’s loneliest duck dies

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    Tragedy has hit the Pacific island of Niue. In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a local duck famous for being the only inhabitant of his kind was killed by a pack of stray dogs last week, next to the roadside puddle he called home. Trevor the mallard, named after Trevor Mallard, an MP for New Zealand,…

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    The Yellow Vests have failed — copycats beware

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    By Ben Townsend Paris has witnessed chaos in the past few months or so. Following President Macron’s introduction of an increased fuel tax, thousands of people have risen up in protest, claiming to be driven by years of parliamentary injustices that have only just erupted. Adorning hi-vis jackets, the compulsory addition on the back seat…

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    A camping trip done right

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    By Ben Townsend The first thing that I noticed during the two-hour long motorbike drive from Battambang was that my brakes were not working properly. Something that I also came to realise was that the combination of a nervous passenger gripping on for life behind me, the state of the ‘roads’ in Cambodia and the…

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