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    Backlash over Greater Manchester Police “watching” people who avoid contact

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    By Ben Townsend Almost 100 activists and academics have signed a letter urging Greater Manchester Police to call off ‘Project Servator’, a surveillance scheme, after Superintendent Chris Hill said plain-clothes officers are “watching” people who avoid contact with police in public. Hill’s comments were made in a video tweeted by GMP in May, which shows…

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    Manchester’s toxic air: what are we doing about it?

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    By Ben Townsend Have you experienced any coughing fits recently? How about itchy eyes or an irritated nose? It might not just be hay fever. According to Clean Air Greater Manchester (GM), these can also be the effects of toxic air pollution — one of the biggest health risks in the city today. More worryingly, air pollution…

  • Culture, Entertainment, Review

    Richard III Review: A descent into royal insanity

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    By Ben Townsend The claustrophobic set of Richard III is unnerving from the get-go. A sense of anticipation hangs over the theatre, as a lowly crown hovers centre stage, prophesying the turmoil soon to come, and a semi-circle of mirrors shimmer across a dark, foreboding backdrop. The twisted journey into the mind of a murderous…

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    Opinion: Euro-Vision of a Better Future

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    By Ben Townsend The mammoth final twist of the award-winning comic book (and film, but I’ll ignore that) Watchmen, is revealed when Ozymandias enacts his master plan. Powerless, the team of heroes watch as the surprise supervillain drops a giant, tentacled monster on top of New York, destroying the city and killing everybody within it….

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