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    Richard III Review: A descent into royal insanity

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    By Ben Townsend The claustrophobic set of Richard III is unnerving from the get-go. A sense of anticipation hangs over the theatre, as a lowly crown hovers centre stage, prophesying the turmoil soon to come, and a semi-circle of mirrors shimmer across a dark, foreboding backdrop. The twisted journey into the mind of a murderous…

  • Opinion, Politics

    Opinion: Euro-Vision of a Better Future

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    By Ben Townsend The mammoth final twist of the award-winning comic book (and film, but I’ll ignore that) Watchmen, is revealed when Ozymandias enacts his master plan. Powerless, the team of heroes watch as the surprise supervillain drops a giant, tentacled monster on top of New York, destroying the city and killing everybody within it….

  • Travel

    Travel: The King of Common Sense

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    By Ben Townsend Before going away, I made sure not to pack anything into my thirty-litre rucksack that was remotely expensive, sentimental, or worthy of stealing. Yet, during those innocent stages of planning and preparation, I was still naive to the fact that my situation regarding the care of my belongings, or, perhaps, lack thereof,…

  • News, Politics

    Corruption vs Democracy – Who poisoned the well?

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    By Ben Townsend Studies suggest that cases of corruption are increasing in the United States, whilst democracy is failing. But the land of the free is not alone. Across the world, similar trends are appearing. Is there a correlation? And if so, who is to blame?  The past two years for American politics have been…

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