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At aAh! we aim to provide a safe and supportive space in which students volunteers can be creative and have their voices heard, while boosting their confidence – and their CV – with skills in journalism, editing, publishing, social media, marketing and events, and more.

We are looking for volunteer writers, photographers, filmmakers and artists on an ongoing basis to help make aAh! online and print platforms an informed, inspiring, witty and opinionated collection of student voices and talents that make our city brilliant. All Manchester Met students are invited to apply and you don’t have to have previous experience or be studying journalism — our only requirement is a demonstrable passion for student media.

We would like to work with talented students with an awareness of current news, trends and what makes great viral content, to source and produce high quality and thought-provoking articles to be posted across the aAh! website and social media platforms.

Students are awarded Rise points for all voluntary contributions to aAh! including attendance at team meetings, training workshops and events as well as editorial duties, and published submissions.

Interested in getting involved? Check out the latest opportunities for 23/24 below and join the aAh! Magazine MS Teams Group to stay in the loop. You will then be invited to our weekly team meetings, training sessions and events.

We will also share our latest briefs, calls for submissions and deadlines for projects including the aAh! online and print magazine. For more information or to pitch a story or multimedia project idea, email

This week @ aAh! – Dates for your diary

Join the aAh! Magazine MS Teams Group

aAh! Open Editorial Team Meeting – Everyone welcome
Date and time: Wednesdays @ 3:30PM
Venue: Check MS Teams for the latest invite

Graphic Design, Photography & Illustration Team Meeting – Everyone welcome
Date and time: Wednesdays @ 4:30PM
Venue: Check MS Teams for the latest invite

23/24 aAh! Editorial Team Roles

We have a number of exciting volunteer opportunities for Manchester Met students to become members of the core aAh! editorial team for the upcoming 23/24 academic year. Successful applicants will be invited to regular team meetings and training sessions. Up to 200 Rise points will be awarded for this activity.

Volunteer Editorial Team roles – Applications now open

  • Journalist: All categories, pitching and writing articles for online and print publication
  • Subeditor: All categories, editing and proofreading only

Volunteer Section Editor roles Applications now open

  • News Editor 
  • Features Editor
  • Opinion Editor 
  • Arts and Culture Editor 
  • Lifestyle Editor 
  • Fashion Editor 
  • Beauty Editor 
  • Sport Editor 
  • International Student Community Editor
  • Creative Writing Editor

As a Section Editor, you will play a crucial role in coordinating our publishing schedule, writing and editing articles, and ensuring the overall quality and consistency of our online and print magazines. This role offers a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of journalism, develop essential employability skills, and build a network of contacts within the industry. Full training and support will be provided. 

All Section Editors members are expected to be committed and work diligently with the rest of team to create quality content and ensure the online and print magazines are to a consistent high standard. They are also required to take part in week meetings, pitching stories, setting briefs and planning workloads. Up to 200 Rise points will be awarded for this activity.

23/24 aAh! Live Roles – Music Journalism

Introducing aAh! Magazine’s dedicated music journalism and photography strand – aAh! Live. Our mission to shine a spotlight on the artists who bring Manchester’s music culture to life and celebrate it’s diverse offerings in our regular reviews, previews, interviews and more.

From the heavy-hitting headliners playing legendary venues to emerging break out acts in your local grassroots club, we cover it all. We want to offer new and returning students an insight into the rhythm of our city and provide a backstage pass to uncovering the stories behind the scene.

Volunteer aAh! Live Editorial roles – Applications now open

  • Music Journalist: Music, live reviews, previews, interviews and profiles
  • Music Editor: Writing, editing and coordinating section
  • Music Subeditor: All categories, editing and proofreading only
  • Music Photographer: Live event coverage, interviews

Volunteer Social Media roles – Applications now open

  • Social Media Marketer (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Social Media Marketer (Instagram)
  • Social Media Marketer (LinkedIn) 

As part of our growing social media team, you will create engaging content and work as part of a team improving and overseeing high quality social media output to ensure we reach a wide audience. Up to 200 Rise points will be awarded for this activity.

Volunteer Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography roles – Applications now open

  • Picture Editor: Online and print projects
  • Photographer: Online and print projects
  • Music photographer (See above for aAh! Live roles – Music Journalism)
  • Illustrator: Online and print projects
  • Featured Artist: Online and print projects

Showcase your art and creativity and establish a portfolio by working on live aAh! collaborative projects. Look out for our print call for Featured Artist submissions to be profiled in our upcoming print magazine. Join the aAh! MS Teams group and attend our open meetings where we will be discussing print magazine ideas and briefs or pitch your own ideas to Up to 200 Rise points will be awarded for this activity.

Print Editorial & Design Collective – Register your interest

We are looking for talented volunteer journalists, subeditors, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers to join our Print Editorial and Design Collective to work collaboratively our upcoming aAh! print magazine, as well as its associated marketing campaign. Up to 300 Rise points will be awarded for this activity.

aAh! Audio/Podcasting

We’re looking for talented, ambitious volunteers to support aAh! growth into audio – creating arts and culture content. Think you’ve got what it takes to host your own podcast? Would you like to work alongside other students to produce engaging content? Email the team at to pitch your ideas

Man Met Rise: Journalism & Graphic Design Skills Workshops – Coming soon

Looking to develop your magazine journalism and graphic design skills? Look out for our aAh!’s workshop series as part of the Man Met Rise programme.

Additional paid opportunities – Advertised via Jobs4Students throughout the academic year

  • Jobs4Students aAh! Editorial Assistant
  • Jobs4Students aAh! Social Media Assistant
  • Jobs4Students aAh! Graphic Design Collective Assistant
  • Jobs4Students aAh! Commissioned Journalist
  • Jobs4Students aAh! Commissioned Filmmaker
  • Jobs4Students aAh! Commissioned Photographer

Owing to the excellent work done by our team aAh! is now a trusted and respected source of news among staff and students. As such, we often receive requests from Manchester Met departments for aAh! team members to report on particular events happening in and around the university.

Sign up to the Jobs4Students mailing list to receive adverts. Please note that these roles are limited.