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We are looking for inventive and thought-provoking perspectives to create a magazine that opens conversations and breaks convention. Each print issue of aAh! magazine will interrogate one single word which will run as a theme through our regular features, profiles, reviews, previews, Q&As, listicles, how-tos, opinion pieces, recipes, art, illustration, photography, flash fiction and poetry.

The theme of our next print magazine is LEGACY.

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Freelance journalists and writers: We are looking for features, interviews, previews, reviews, listicles and opinion for our upcoming themed print magazine. Check out our #TheLEGACYIssue call for submissions here and pitch your ideas to the team on aAh.Editor@gmail.com.

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Featured Artist brief – The LEGACY Issue

Artists, illustrators and photographers: Our new print issue will feature a spotlight on a visual artist – Fine artists of all practices welcome, illustrators, photographers and graphic designers. Submit up to ten images, including a brief artist bio and explanation of how your work relates to the theme LEGACY. Check out our #TheLEGACYIssue brief here and pitch your ideas to the team on aAh.Editor@gmail.com.

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Journalists, editors, subeditors, proofreaders: We are looking for volunteer students to lead our latest print publication to success. Register your interest to join the aAh! Print Editorial Team and be part of our new magazine.

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Graphic Designers, illustrators and photographers: We are looking for talented graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and content creators to form the 23/24 aAh! print production team known as the aAh! Design Collective. We need inventive and creative team players to curate the new print issue of aAh! Magazine and work collaboratively. Register your interest to join the Design Collective and be part of our new magazine.

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