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The FRESHERS Issue 24/25: Call for print submissions – Get involved with your student magazine

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In each print issue, aAh! Magazine explores one word which runs as its theme. Next up is The FRESHERS Issue 24/25.

aAh! Magazine invites all Manchester Met students interested in journalism, writing, photography and design to pitch ideas to be considered for print publication for the upcoming issue: The FRESHERS Issue 24/25.

This mini-issue will paint a picture of Manchester and serve as a guide for new and returning students on how to survive and thrive in the city – as well as everyone in between. It will feature everything from budget-friendly food spots, to the best music groups and events to look out for, to the city’s hidden gems.

The issue will share what’s happening in the city’s lively arts community, and how to get involved. It will spotlight the voice of our multicultural student body and share some honest advice, bold opinions, and diverse experiences of students in Manchester. Expect guides on things to do in the city and the best places to work and play, helping students get the most out of their uni experience.

We are looking for feature articles, listicles, profiles, Q&As, reviews, and opinion pieces, along with visual artwork and photography, that respond with a fresh, critical, and creative approach to the theme FRESHERS. We are interested in innovative, thought-provoking, unique perspectives to continue our aim of opening conversation and breaking convention.

Writers – Interested in getting involved? 

Do you have an idea for a feature, interview, profile, opinion, listicle, how-to, or Q&A? Pitch your ideas to us at using the subject line ‘FRESHERS’ to discuss. If you have an initial idea, please email our team and we can offer guidance to shape it into a pitch.

We also have several ‘FRESHERS’ themed print briefs across a variety of topics. Register your interest here to receive briefs. Check out our previous print issues to see how contributors, writers, and artists have explored past themes. 

You can also explore our FRESHERS-themed prompts below for some inspiration and ideas on how you can contribute to the upcoming issue…

Arts/Culture: Art galleries, theatre and film, music venues

Fashion: Best places to shop, affordable vintage fashion brands, charity shops, clothing exchanges, fashion events, student fashion/what student’s are wearing

International: Navigating life as an international student, perspectives on studying and living in Manchester, world recipes

Lifestyle: Affordable and healthy recipes, cheap ways to exercise, mental health guide for freshers, green spaces/cold water spots

Literature: Best places to read, book clubs, book communities in Manchester, literature events 

Community/Experience: Community projects, volunteering, art collectives, friendships, relationships, personal experiences

Music: Gig calendar, best gigs to look out for, emerging artists, best student venues, underground venues, electronic music scene, music events, club nights

Opinion: Share your reviews on trending topics that matter. Comment on student politics, protest, homelessness and more.

Advice: Support services, homesickness, student accommodation, mental wellbeing

Deadline: Pitch your ideas via email to to be considered for publication by 20/05/24.

Featured Artists

aAh! welcomes student artists to be involved in the upcoming print issue: The FRESHERS Issue. We invite artists to submit up to ten images that respond to the theme ‘FRESHERS’ in a creative, unique, thought-provoking way, to be considered for print publication. All visual art mediums and practices are welcome, including photography, illustration, graphic design and painting. Send us a brief bio and explanation of how your work investigates the theme.


All Manchester Met students and alumni are invited to contribute to aAh! Magazine. Artists and designers are welcome to submit works in any medium: painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, textile, installation, any mixed media, digital, performance and film (jpg still image and a link to video) etc. Submit your visual work in a digital format in the highest possible resolution you have available – not below 300 dpi.

Visual Guidelines

We accept work and visuals in JPEG, PNG or TIFF formats. Artwork must be at least 300 dpi or more. All artwork must be at least 148 x 210 mm to fit in the A5 size magazine, and should fit comfortably on a page of this aspect ratio.

Our Featured Artists work will be published in The FRESHERS Issue 24/25 alongside a range of features, interviews, profiles, previews, opinion and more. Deadline: Submit your work to be considered for publication by 20/05/24. Send your work via email

Register your interest to join The FRESHERS Issue 24/25 Print Editorial and Design team

We’re looking for volunteer writers, editors, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers and social media creators to join the aAh! Magazine team this summer. Register your interest to join the core team, receive briefs and be part of our new issue. Email the team on

About aAh!

aAh! Is a well-established online and print arts and culture magazine, run by student volunteers with a passion for journalism and a love for Manchester. It is an honest, engaging, and curious publication; a trusted source for relevant and current news, views, creative work, and trends.

aAh! is a growing publication, and is looking for journalists, editors, graphic designers, illustrators, filmmakers, photographers, and social media marketers on an ongoing basis to help make aAh! An informed, inspiring, witty, and opinionated collective and student voices and talents that make our city brilliant.

Join the aAh! Magazine MS Teams Group ‘General Channel’ to stay in the loop and follow @aAh_mag for upcoming opportunities. 

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