Against The Current @ Gorilla review and gallery – Intimate show especially for long-time fans

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Featured image and gallery: Gracie Hall

Glasgow’s Deadpony enter to ‘VooDoo People’ by The Prodigy. Lead singer Anna Shields brings the energy from the get-go, despite the band being one man down due to a broken arm and a last minute replacement by Shields’ friend – you’d have never guessed. 

Anna’s theatrical stage presence captivates the audience as she punches and kicks the air through her performance, showcasing her martial arts skills before launching into ‘MK Nothing’. Entering the crowd during ‘23 Never Me’, Anna and guitarist Blair Crichton encourage moshes and get the crowd perfectly warmed up for seeing their beloved band in an especially small venue.

With over 4 million monthly listeners and millions of social media followers, you wouldn’t expect American pop-rock band Against The Current to take to the stage in Manchester’s Gorilla’s cosy 520 capacity. 

For any lucky fan who bagged a ticket, a treat is in store; the band play records spanning their over-a-decade long career, from 2014’s ‘Something You Need’ to 2023’s ‘Silent Stranger’. 

Lead singer Chrissy Costanza’s stable and powerful vocals shine through during their acoustic portions of ‘Brighter ‘and ‘In Our Bones’. Fans flood the room with flashlights to make the room just that bit brighter. Throwing in part of ‘I Had Some Help’ by Post Malone onto the end of ‘Brighter’, the crowd is left guessing what other trick they have under their sleeve for the show. 

With a three song encore including their League of Legends song ‘Legends Never Die’, Against The Current end the evening on a high note.

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