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    The Yellow Vests have failed — copycats beware

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    By Ben Townsend Paris has witnessed chaos in the past few months or so. Following President Macron’s introduction of an increased fuel tax, thousands of people have risen up in protest, claiming to be driven by years of parliamentary injustices that have only just erupted. Adorning hi-vis jackets, the compulsory addition on the back seat…

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    A camping trip done right

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    By Ben Townsend The first thing that I noticed during the two-hour long motorbike drive from Battambang was that my brakes were not working properly. Something that I also came to realise was that the combination of a nervous passenger gripping on for life behind me, the state of the ‘roads’ in Cambodia and the…

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    Humanitarian aid is crying for reform

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    By Ben Townsend The hyper-integration of trade is unstoppable. Markets are endlessly entangling themselves with each other and every existing or up-and-coming global power has a stake in somebody else, fighting for financial influence across the planet. The world has grown smaller in recent decades, yet the economy has increased in size and complexity, binding…

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    Russia’s looming shadow: Should we be worried?

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    By Ben Townsend Spies, secrets, passion, betrayal, manipulation. Accusations about Russia meddling in Western political and economic affairs since the Cold War have always been represented in a very James Bond-esque manner: exciting and mysterious with a touch of romanticism, yet remaining essentially in the realms of fiction. However, this is changing. It’s common knowledge…

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    May’s defeat sends Parliament further into Brexit chaos

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    By Ben Townsend Following the Prime Minister’s damning defeat last week, the Labour party and the Conservatives have engaged in a desperate scramble for control. However, they are united by one characteristic — uncertainty. It would be fair to assume that the past two years are beginning to catch up with Theresa May. The Prime Minister’s leaving…

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