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    Film Review: Killers Anonymous

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    By Alexander Garvey Holbrook In the first twenty-five minutes of this film, there has been a fight in a strip club, a banging soundtrack, a political assassination, international subterfuge and Gary Oldman. Taking all this into consideration, why am I so bored? Killers Anonymous is a film which has no idea who to imitate. I get,…

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    Film Review: Eaten By Lions

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    By Alexander Garvey Holbrook Omar and Pete are brothers. Their mother and Pete’s father die when they are young, leaving their grandmother to raise them both. After she dies, she leaves instructions to Omar, now a young man, on how to find his absent father. Pete’s aunt and uncle see Omar as their family’s shame,…

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    Film Review: An Acceptable Loss

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    By Alexander Garvey Holbrook “Where is Homs, exactly?” This is a question asked – in complete earnest – by a sitting President of the United States, in his war room. He is being briefed by his National Security Adviser about the possibility of “ending the War on Terror.” How? By killing five known terrorists, and thousands more…

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    Obituary: Mark Hollis

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    By Alexander Garvey Holbrook It was a winter evening, shortly after my eighteenth birthday, when I first listened to Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden. The opening muted notes of ‘The Rainbow’ catapult me back to being stood in the snow outside Salford University’s Adelphi campus, bass guitar on back and cigarette in freezing hand. Even…

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