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Preview: Alt-Rock Band Casino Rockets Announce Hometown Show at Halifax Grayston Unity Next Week

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After releasing a perfectly polished album that channels their inner Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode, while pushing their imagination and all concepts of genre – Casino Rockets have announced a free open-air hometown show at Halifax Grayston Unity on Friday 27th of August.

Boasting an expansive sound created for the live arena, it’s fitting that they’ll finally be able to showcase their new tracks from their debut, Reality Distortion Field, for the first time since they released it in May. The band has played together for the last 13 years and they have recorded music on and off since 2002 – it’s clear that this is partly the reason behind why they’re so slick. The Halifax-based band consists of Tiv Whitaker (vocals and synths), Rick Anderson (guitars and vocals), Dan Lea (bass, synths, and vocals), and Chris (drums).

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Their track ‘Black & Red’ (2017), was the only track on the album, which the band had previously released. Its inclusion acts both as a marker of the band’s progress and as an indicator of the ambitious journey that they’re planning to embark on. It must be noted that while creating the album they were in safe hands. Their debut was produced by Steve Whitfield, who has previously worked with the likes of The Cure, The Mission, and Jane Weaver. It was also mastered by Dez Ford, known for working with Scenius, The Fossil Collective, and Klammer. According to the band, their album is one of “persistence and perspective, a journey from the bleakness of the mundane to the exhilaration of elevation; an adventure between the rock bottom and the summit”. 

It’s clear from their discography that the element of unpredictability is paramount in their work. Rejecting any concept of genre, they mix electronica, psychedelia, and post-rock with their unexpected attitude towards rhythm. Their stand-out tracks ‘Impala’ and ‘Black & Red’ are set to drive audiences into a frenzy with their powerful choruses. But don’t be fooled by their slower offerings, such as ‘Only Light Can Save You’. The song is ferociously dramatic and showcases their clear expertise for synth. Within their set, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.

After over 18 months without gigs, the chance to unite with other fans couldn’t be more necessary. If you’d like to find out more about the band, you can read our review of, Reality Distortion Field here, and our interview with Whitaker and Lea here.

The band spent so much time crafting this album because they recognised that their efforts would reward them in the end.

“Finally holding the album in our hands means such a lot to us,” the band explained. “When we set out to write and record Reality Distortion Field we were driven by a passion to create a sound familiar to our ears but yet to be heard. This has been a deeply profound experience, the realisation of a dream. The question that now excites us the most is: Where do we go from here?”

A poignant question indeed, one which may be partly answered by a visit to their long-anticipated live show. Make sure to attend their gig at Halifax Grayston Unity on Friday 27th of August. Their latest album, Reality Distortion Field, is available to stream and download, and you can also buy their vinyl here.

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