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Sex, Lies & DM Slides Podcast review (EP 1) – Financial slaves, the difference between men and women online and why we need this podcast

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They say in life, there are two certainties: death and taxes. Although that may be true, there should be a third addition to that list – that your direct messages are a dangerous place. 

Whilst many women ignore the abusive comments lurking in their DMs, two ladies are turning their weird social media encounters into a binge-worthy podcast.

Sex, Lies & DM Slides is the brainchild of TV cook, Gizzi Erskine and model, Sydney Lima, with the format following them discuss their experiences before diving into a celebrity guest’s DMs.

Barely two minutes in, we’re quickly onto the subject of “financial slaves”, telling of a £120 exchange, a “mild Cuban heel” and (what I imagine would be) a very sore face – intriguing, right?

Their stories are enough to make you want to set your laptop alight and swear off social media, but partnered with their unique brand of humour, you’re soon seeing the funny side of some pretty horrendous stuff.

The conversation flows seamlessly between the hosts and you quickly notice the bond they share. From goofily singing the theme song to excitedly talking over each other, it’s evident they’re having the time of their lives. 

At around the 10-minute mark, we meet celebrity guest, comedian and fat-acceptance campaigner, Sofie Hagen, who offers some interesting insights.

Being bisexual, Hagen notes the differences in being approached by men and women online, finding that women will explain why they want a date while men are, at best, monosyllabic. 

“Tell us who you are, what you do and why I should be interested” – Sofie Hagen, rational thinker and talker of sense.

Upon Hagen’s arrival, there were moments where the podcast seemed to veer off-topic. Whilst telling of her vigorous stalking of the band, Westlife, you begin to wonder: “Where’s the sex? Where’s the lies? Where’s the DM slides?”

Entertaining? Absolutely. Relevant? Doubtful. That being said, considering this is their Spotify debut, it’s still an excellent listen overall.

This podcast’s existence is entirely necessary in 2020. It illustrates a new age of women who fight back against misogynistic comments and turn their negative experiences into entertainment.

It’s amazing what a dick pic can inspire.

*Photo courtesy of Beaumont London & Spotify

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