• Lifestyle

    Avoiding Stress and Overwork by Finding Time for Reflection

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    Lifestyle editor, Sara Fisher, reflects on the importance of finding time for yourself as a way to promote healthy mental wellbeing. The need to constantly be busy, on the go, and in the know can be difficult to escape. It can often feel like the more you struggle against avoiding boredom and tedium, the more…

  • Anxiety by Layao Xia

    The Importance of a Daily Routine During Stressful Times

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    From birth, a strict routine has been forced upon us, whether that is what time you should eat, how many hours you should work or when to go to sleep. As teenagers, we tend to break these routines and pick-up habits that are not always great for our overall wellbeing. Feelings of stress, anxiety and…

  • Lifestyle

    Seven Tips to a More Sustainable Festive Season

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    With chestnuts roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost nipping at your nose, your last concern is probably going to be whether the wrapping paper, containing your third pair of socks, can be recycled or not. But implementing a few minor changes to your Christmas, can benefit the environment immensely. During the festive season,…

  • Lifestyle

    Three Mood-Boosting Exercises for Lockdown 2.0

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    With the ever-changing restrictions coming into effect across the nation, finding the motivation to do anything besides binge-watching Netflix is extremely difficult. But at a time like this, your wellbeing is a priority. A survey by mental health charity Mind, found that 75% of 18-24-year-olds reported that their mental health got worse during lockdown. Exercise…

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