The Importance of a Daily Routine During Stressful Times

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Anxiety by Layao Xia

From birth, a strict routine has been forced upon us, whether that is what time you should eat, how many hours you should work or when to go to sleep. As teenagers, we tend to break these routines and pick-up habits that are not always great for our overall wellbeing. Feelings of stress, anxiety and lethargy prevent us from working at our best, these are triggered by a lack of routine and structure.

That being said, humans are creatures of habit and routine, and as we develop it’s best to set in place habits that benefit our lives. But everyone runs on their own schedule and so sticking to a routine is all about finding what works best for you. Every person is different, some people are more productive first thing in the morning and others prefer to stay up all night. Whatever your schedule, planning out your day is proven to boost motivation and productivity.

If getting out of bed at 7am isn’t your thing and you’re more efficient after noon, set an alarm, set goals and a timeframe you can stick to. Especially with national restrictions in place, classes being online and most people working from home, it can be really difficult to move at your own pace. External pressures can make you feel as though your routine is wrong because it goes against convention, or that you’re not putting enough hours in but if you feel that it benefits your wellbeing and workflow, then keep going.

Leyao Xia, a Graphic Design and Art Direction student doing her Masters in Manchester School of Art, uses her artwork to express the anxiety and stress she feels throughout the day when her schedule is off. A usual and productive day for Layao is waking up at 8am, exercising, working, and relaxing to finally get into bed at a reasonable time. By simply waking up a few hours later than usual, she lacks motivation and the overall energy to perform her everyday tasks and ultimately regrets the whole day.

Take a look at her artwork below…

Anxiety by Layao Xia

Setting small and attainable goals throughout the day will reduce stress and anxiety and promote more positive wellbeing. Remember to take breaks frequently and to step away from work when possible, this allows you to rest, recuperate and work better.

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