• "Statue of Liberty #1 - New York City" by Andreas Komodromos is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

    Creative: The Senate Vote to Impeach by Katherine Moss

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    Lady Justice falters, the end of a long week balancing the scales,Judges’ wigs hide halos, robes skim snaking silhouettes of tails,I ponder the same old points of law as my key provokes the carI haggle over morality like a tourist at a hellish bazaar;I have a duty and a mortgage so my soul succumbs easily…

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    Creative: The Principle of Succession by Katherine Moss

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    Photo: “Fossil Sitting in Sunlight” by A Guy Taking Pictures why then did she not make fire? She is the founding stonethey build their futures upon.At the edges she is flawedwith wear and tiny fissures,like bites from the diamondteeth of their sawn-off success. She is set. Long laid down.Nothing should have the forceto push her…

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