• "Statue of Liberty #1 - New York City" by Andreas Komodromos is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

    Creative writing: ‘The Senate Vote to Impeach’ by Katherine Moss

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    Featured Image: “Statue of Liberty #1 – New York City” by Andreas Komodromos is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 Lady Justice falters, the end of a long week balancing the scales,Judges’ wigs hide halos, robes skim snaking silhouettes of tails,I ponder the same old points of law as my key provokes the carI haggle over morality like a tourist…

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    Creative: The Principle of Succession by Katherine Moss

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    Photo: “Fossil Sitting in Sunlight” by A Guy Taking Pictures She says she is not my rockand this is as it should be,I, a craftsman, her lapidary,picking my tools blindly. I feel that she is smooth and retainsan inner cold but she has grownto become faceted, not like a jewelbut dull and heavy. Gritstone hewn.Strife…

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