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Writer and poet Rachel Mann: “Most people are suckers for love”

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Writer, poet and Manchester Met teaching fellow Rachel Mann, will be discussing the theories and principles behind her new book in an online event on Thursday.

In conversation with Emerita Professor of Divinity at Durham University, Ann Loades, the leading theologians will discuss the principal tenets of their theological beliefs with Virginia Moffatt.

Rachel’s book, Spectres of God, is part of a series of books, written in three sections: the spectre of the body, of love, and of time, drawing on her own experiences of how she found God. 

Rachel spoke with Manchester Met’s multimedia journalism students ahead of the event, to discuss the meaning behind her book and the challenges she has faced being a trans woman, working for the church, and her experience with disability and ill health.

Rachel said: “If we are going to have any understanding of something bigger than ourselves, you don’t have to be religious to have that sense that there is more to life than just my life, that has to be found in the body and the lives that we have.

“The way in which I experienced God is through my experience of being a ‘cast-out body’. I used to be embarrassed and ashamed of this stuff but nowadays I’m extremely proud.

“Most people are suckers for love, and for grace and kindness. That is what gives me hope, is that people are mostly good.”

MY THEOLOGY with Rachel Mann and Ann Loades will take place Thursday 3rd February, 7pm on Zoom.

Book your free ticket at via Eventbrite.

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    Excellent Lou I knew you are very good and will only get better very proud.

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