Creative: Your Favourite Spoon By Summer Walker-Barnes

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Original Art by Elysia Womersley

Original Art by Elysia Womersley

Your Favourite Spoon

Here I am, on my fifth day of jumping between night pyjamas and day pyjamas.

I keep a jumper by my desk in case I get cold or have to hop onto a call

and I’ve eaten all the biscuits again.

What an extraordinary thing to live through history beneath your softest blanket,

Three cycles in of re-watching your favourite show

and joyful to find your favourite spoon, clean at the top of the pile.

Here I am, a stranger to the woman who daren’t go a day without makeup

Fumbling with the concealer I’ve forgotten how to use

and bras a thing of the past.

How unexpected to spend these days that span to months with one person

And to find you miss them more than you ever did before

when they’re just popping out for toilet roll.

Here I am with my back to the news I have learned to ignore,

and it feels like these winter days of 5 to 9 darkness might never end

But you still smile and call me beautiful in my pyjamas and unbrushed hair

so I think I might not mind it after all.

This creative piece was submitted as part of our November theme: Isolation and Introspection. If you would like to submit your own creative work to aAh! Magazine, please email, and be sure to check our latest “Letter from the Editors” to find out next month’s theme.

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Summer Walker-Barnes

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  1. June Gooder 9th December 2020 at 7:51 pm -  Reply

    Your such a beautiful clever woman who has made my beloved grandson a wonderful wife ,I love you for that x

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