Creative Writing: Call for Submissions – Isolation and Introspection

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We’re open for submissions!

Dear Creators,

Creating art is the ultimate act of introspection. To look into yourself, and to translate your thoughts, feelings and dreams into something physical is truly remarkable. There have been many moments this year which have encouraged us to slow down and take stock. We’re re-examining what it means to be a member of a community, to be an ally, and even to be alone. 

This month’s creative theme is isolation and introspection. We didn’t pick this theme to encourage our writers to dwell on what it is to be alone, but instead to give a platform to take those feelings of isolation and to find community in them. What does isolation mean to you? What has introspection taught you?

To some of us (looking at you Taylor Swift) isolation has meant having the time and drive to create. To others of us, creating at all has been a struggle. No matter which kind of creator you are, we hope you will find some inspiration in the pieces shared, and at the very least some reassurance that though we might feel lonely, you’re not alone. 

We are accepting works of prose, poetry, flash fiction and art on the theme of isolation and introspection. All submissions should be a maximum of 1,500 words. To send us your submission, please email a word document or PDF to with the subject line ‘Creative submission’. Closing date for submissions is 13th November.

Keep on creating,

Summer Walker-Barnes on behalf of

The Creative Editors, aAh! Magazine. 

Check out previous creative works on the aAh! Magazine Creative Section website.

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