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Creative: Online Prayer by Leyao Xia

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Artist Leyao Xia at Work

“Praying in a temple at the beginning of a year is traditional for Chinese people. In recent years, especially with the impact of Covid-19, the idea of “praying online” is becoming increasingly popular. This phenomenon, which perfectly combines the traditional and the modern, inspired me to create these images. Due to the trying situation we are all facing, let’s pray for good luck in a virtual world.”

Leyao Xia

Leyao Xia is currently studying for her MFA in Graphic Design at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is from Chongqing, China, and was influenced by the “Chinese cyberpunk” feel of the city. Her work often features contemporary visuals enmeshed with folkloric tradition. Leyao refers to her own art style as “retro-futurism”.

You can find more of Leyao’s work here and follow her on Instagram.

This creative piece was submitted as part of our December theme: Hope. If you would like to submit your own creative work to aAh! Magazine, please email, and be sure to check our latest “Letter from the Editors” to find out next month’s theme.

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Ryann Overbay

Ryann has recently moved to Manchester from Japan, where she lived for five years teaching English literature and working as a travel writer for Voyapon Magazine. She is currently studying her MA in creative writing and is excited to work with aAh! Magazine as a creative editor.

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