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Lightopia Festival is offering 30% off tickets for all aAh! readers

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Just use the code UNIMETRO30 at checkout to receive your discount

Manchester’s Lightopia Festival is offering 30% off tickets for all aAh! Magazine readers.

The event, which is the largest light festival in Europe and the UK, will be illuminating Heaton Park this year until 31st December.

The discount code for aAh! readers is UNIMETRO30 – use this at checkout to receive 30% off the ticket price.

Featuring an array of colourful lights, lanterns, lasers and immersive visual experiences, the event promises to lead guests on a trail through the park past six key interactive installations, including ‘Tree of Life’, ‘The Love Gate’ and ‘Flower Road’, all based around the theme of harmony.

Lightopia will include live acrobatic performances, water-screen multimedia shows, local musicians and family rides, alongside food and drink. In solidarity with Manchester, the event will also feature a number of ‘Light Bees’.

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