Beauty: Are eyelash extensions worth it?

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By Shawna Healey

Lifestyle Editor Shawna Healey is late to the party on eyelash extensions, only getting her first set in September of this year, but now she’s hooked.

While this beauty treatment has a process time of approximately two hours and can be costly depending where you go, they save you so much time in the mornings.

Previously I would have to get up early to put makeup on for university or work, to feel put together. In my defence I wouldn’t put on a “full face” just a bit of mascara, bronzer, blush, highlight and lipstick.

However, with eyelelash extensions I don’t feel the need to do this. In terms of my face, I wake up, moisturise, and go. You’d actually be surprised how put together you feel with just a few eyelashes extended onto your natural ones.

There are three main types: classic, hybrids and Russians. Classics are your more natural, eyelashes that provide a more subtle look and hybrids being a mix or “hybrid” of classic with around about 40% of Russians depending on your eyelash technician’s technique.

Russian lashes are finer than classic lashes, which makes the eyelash technician able to apply more lashes to the individual natural lash. These are applied in a fan-like shape which also gives additional volume.

Different brands of lashes use different materials to create the lash extensions, some being made out of natural hair such as human, sable and mink, but a lot of companies and lash technicians offer lashes made out of synthetic, man-made vegan fibres.

Eyelash extensions aren’t the easiest things to manage. Due to the nature of natural lashes shedding, eyelash extensions require infills about every three weeks or they’ll look patchy. After that most technicians would require that you buy a new set because there’s usually too much loss to salvage.

Prices range from £25-£100 so it really depends where you go. Technicians in a beauty salon usually cost more than mobile or from-home techs. As long as the tech is qualified, from-home is usually safe but it is always best to do your research.

Keeping your lashes clean is super easy, all you need is a clean eyelash spoolie and a non-oil miscellar water. Removing the lashes is best kept to the professionals however if you really need too then you can eyelash remover online or in Boots or Superdrug.

Are eyelash extensions necessary? Not really, but what beauty treatment is? But is two hours of your life and about £40 a good exchange for more time in bed in the mornings, looking and feeling put together and just having pretty eyelashes? I think so.

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