Corrupt Soul

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By Rebeca Elgueta

I am corrupt my love.
Flowers bloom under your Gentle looks
But decay and die under my Poisoned touch.
Why even the Lily, with its bright beauty, would Wither,
Yet the black Rose, with its intoxicating petals, continues to Prosper.

I am corrupt my love.
There is no redemption for me
So stay away and remain Free.
To be too close would be fatal. I’m deadly like a Plague
And you, then, the Trapped dove in a cold steel cage.

I am corrupt my love.
I appear like Virtue herself…
But, if you could see into me, you would be appalled
Because even Angels turn to the Devil at my call.

I am corrupt my love.
The walls of your mind are White.
Oh so white they burn bright!
But mine are Black, consumed by the Merciless night.

I am corrupt my love.
You claim to see a good heart in me, oh how I wish that were true!
Because, my love, if this Heart was cleaved in two, then I would have no doubt
That it would be black blood which oozes out.

Rebeca Elgueta is a first year English and Creative Writing student who likes to write about escapism. You can find her blog here and can follow her on Twitter here

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