Heart of Ice

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By Rebeca Elgueta

Here we stand, on the boundaries of my heart.
I am in Winter, you in Spring
It looks joyful over there. The rich green of the trees, birds sing.

In Spring, children dance to merry songs
In the golden sun where they belong.
A sea of flowers I spy, blanketing the meadow
Reds, pinks, oranges and deep yellows.

In Winter, towering trees are illuminated by pale moonlight.
Frost coating them, glistening in the night.
There are no merry children here. No birds to sing.
I am queen of this domain, the bitter cold my king.

You yell my name, begging me to come
But a storm rages between us, the sound of Winter urging me to instead Run.
All I see is ice, its seeping into skin
And Winter just watches idly with a malicious grin.

Oh how I long for Spring! To be with you
But I fear I’m becoming endued to this land as my skin slowly changes to glacial blue.
I’m afraid now that, in Spring, the sun’s rays would burn me,
And laugh, enjoying my torment with sadistic glee.

My heat is being funnelled away, I can barely see…
Surprised, I catch sight of you closer now, trying to reach me.
Winter howls in rage, tearing into you with its destructive power
But you soldier on, not being one to cower.

Finally you are here! Pulling me away from the grip of the arctic storm.
A relieved sigh escapes my lips, your touch, it is soothing and warm.
You lead me to the boundary but, as you cross, I find I cannot follow.
I am still damned to Winter, my soul frozen and hollow.

Not giving up, you firmly take my hand, guiding me into Spring
And as I cross, warmth soaks into my skin, with joy I hear the birds sing.
A small one lands near my feet, a pure white dove
And I smile, glancing over to you, thinking that, perhaps, my ice heart will melt from your love.

Rebeca Elgueta is a first year English and Creative Writing student who likes to write about escapism. You can find her blog here and follow her on Twitter here

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