Mirror Mirror

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By Rebeca Elgueta

The candles flicker in the dark, illuminating the mirror with a ghostly glow.
The figure of a girl appears, her skin white like fresh snow.

Her hair is a very pale blonde, almost white
And her facial features sharp, akin to a Sprite.

Her eyes, two soulless orbs you could drown in
And a pristine white dress up to her shin.

Speechless, I take a step forward, hand against the cool glass…can this really be me?
Instantly a shiver races up my spine as I feel something hidden behind the glass, yearning to be free.

Exhaling, I back up and blink once…My reflection is gone.
A sudden breeze snuffs the candles out, the room now pitch black with no lights to turn on.

Nothing but silence follows, the cold breeze teasing my dress…
Then a clawed hand, a scream. Blackness.

Rebeca Elgueta is a first year English and Creative Writing student who likes to write about escapism. You can find her blog here and follow her on Twitter here

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