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4 fashion trend predictions for 2024

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2023 was full of iconic fashion moments such as Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour wardrobe, a Karl Lagerfeld inspired Met Gala and Rhianna’s red Loewe look at the Super Bowl. However, as we settle into each new year there is always a discourse on what trends are set to thrive. Fashion Editor, Isabelle Moore, explores four fashion trends that are predicted to be popular throughout 2024. 

Footie Fashion

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Thanks to the rise in unisex dressing, outfits that combine everyday casual wear with a sporty, football-inspired aesthetic are set to cover our social media feeds this year. This trend, also known as ‘bloke-core’, isn’t new on the fashion scene. However, the fusion of football and fashion has deep roots in culture, helping its popularity continue to thrive.

In terms of styling, think well-worn denim shorts or jeans, paired with a vintage looking football team jersey or scarf and a comfortable pair of trainers. A style of trainer that perfectly fits this aesthetic is the Adidas Sambas, which were created with football in mind, but have now taken the world of streetwear by storm.

Footie fashion seems to be a positive trend, thanks to its focus on breathing new life into classic, vintage football gear, as well as encouraging younger generations of football fans to engage with fashion more deeply.

Girl Core

The ‘girl obsession’ is set to continue into 2024, influenced by the likes of Taylor Swift, the Barbie movie and the latest TikTok trends such as ‘girl math’ and ‘girl dinner’. However, the girl core trend is so much more than just wearing pink, but rather about embracing femininity, nostalgia and the romance that comes with being a woman.

This trend can be translated through the styling of bows, ribbons and ruffles, jewels and crystals, as well as incorporating transparent fabrics in the form of skirts, tops or slip dresses.

One recent fashion moment that will surely fuel this trend’s popularity is Simone Rocha’s highly anticipated presentation as guest couturier for Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring/Summer 2024 couture show. Rocha combined the modern femininity and romance of her own namesake label with Gaultier’s more provocative and sensual view of womanhood.

From ballerina inspired silhouettes to blooming flowers and corsets, this collection perfectly encapsulates the girl core aesthetic.

Leopard Print

This year, one print that’s set to make its mark in everyone’s wardrobe is leopard. The classic animal pattern has had many moments in fashion throughout the decades, but its revival is coming back thick and fast.

The recent popularity of the ultra-hot Wales Bonner Adidas Sambas and its integration into many celebrity street style looks, from Kourtney Kardashian to supermodel Irina Shayk, undoubtedly contributes to its comeback. However, it’s no secret that leopard print can be a daunting addition, with many people hesitant to plunge into full patterned looks.

Nevertheless, one approach to styling includes the incorporation of a bold leopard accessory, such as a bag, belt, scarf or headband, which would perfectly elevate a more minimalist outfit.

For those with a bit more fashion confidence, look to Charlotte Simone, a British based outerwear designer whose most iconic pieces are leopard and faux fur jackets. Although slightly pricier, thanks to the classic print these investment pieces will never go out of style.

Cherry Red

Although Barbie pink had its moment in 2023, its richer and more sophisticated sister, cherry red, is going to take its place in 2024. The bold hue has been seen all over the runway from Ferragamo to Jacquemus and has now trickled its way down into the high street.

Universally, red is a very dynamic and attention-grabbing colour and one that compliments a winter wardrobe perfectly. Styled through classic garments such as sweaters and coats, as well as accessories such as bags and heels, it has also started to appear within the beauty industry. Many are choosing a pop of red for their manicure or as a sultry lip shade for a night out.

These small additions of such a traditional shade can help to add a little something extra to an outfit, complimenting classic neutral tones such as black, white and beige. Consumers often shy away from daring colours such as red, but when it comes to styling, its power should definitely be embraced.

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