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Two Door Cinema Club @ Castlefield Bowl – A perfect finale for Sounds Of The City 2023

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Featured image and gallery: Ben Redshaw

Acclaimed Irish rock band Two Door Cinema Club came to send off this year’s Sounds of the City with an unforgettable performance. With a very excited sold-out audience filling Castlefield Bowl, the band brought nothing but adrenaline to this star-studded festival. Manchester was even treated to two new songs from their newest album, Keep on Smiling.

Not only did Two Door Cinema Club give the perfect send off to Sounds of the City, but so did their special guests for the evening. The Royston Club and indie rock band Sundara Karma supported them this evening with outstanding performances. 

Kicking the night off was The Royston Club with their alternative rock style music. With a warm welcome from Manchester, The Royston Club begun instantly. Performing some of their classics like ‘The Deep End’, ‘Believe it or Not’ and ‘52’. Really engaging the crowd as they arrived at the event, The Royston Club took this chance to get some fresh eyes on them.

Soon after, to a well-deserved ovation, Sundara Karma took the stage. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, they had a delayed start to their set. Keeping the vibe high, frontman Oscar Pollock kept the crowd entertained and even made jokes about the situation. “We’re going to come off the stage, but we’ll be back in a few minutes. So, we want the same reaction as the first time,” he told the hyped up crowd. 

Sundara Karma returned to the stage moments later and received an even bigger reaction as the band came back, beers in hand. With an electric performance from the band, they kicked off their set with ‘Explore’. Not only did they come out with banger after banger, but Manchester even had exclusive debuts with ‘Friends of Mine’ performed live for the first time and a world debut of their new single ‘Baby Blue’. 

Leaving the stage to a huge reaction, Sundara Karma announced their headline show in Manchester in November at O2 Ritz.

With an excited crowd awaiting the infamous Irish rockers, the venue was packed with fans from all over the world. Two Door Cinema Club have had a huge impact on the indie music industry in the 2010s. Some people may not recognise the songs by the titles, but once that first beat drops, they are instantly recognisable.

At last, Two Door Cinema Club entered the prestigious stage to the loudest cheer from their devoted fans. I knew this show was going to be wild as I was drenched in beer from the moment ‘This Is The Life’ began. Fans all around the venue were going wild as beer and bottles were flying all over the place.

This concert was such high demand and sold out so quick compared to others in this festival. Some fans were even spotted enjoying a free concert from the comfort of their own home. The lucky attendants of the Castlefield apartments had free access for each concert as they were spotted watching from their balcony.

As they debuted some of their new songs from the new album, it was performances of ‘Changing of the Seasons’ and ‘Next Year’ that exceeded love from the Manchester crowd.

Closing their show, Two Door Cinema Club played some of their best in my opinion. With ‘Sleep Alone’ and ‘Something Good Can Work’ closing the show, it was the needed send off to Sounds Of The City 2023. With outstanding concerts from such artists as Bastille, Hozier, Porcupine Tree, and of course Two Door Cinema Club. This was a festival that will be remembered for years to come.  

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