The Band Camino @ O2 Ritz review and gallery – three sensational performances rocking out Manchester

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Featured image and gallery: Ben Redshaw

A sensational trio of pop-rock acts this evening at the O2 Ritz, as The Band Camino came to Manchester to give their devoted fans the show of a lifetime. This was a night of electrifying pop-rock performances that will live in memory.

The Band Camino are an American rock band, initially formed in Memphis, Tennessee, the now Nashville-based group continue their UK tour, and fans from the world over gathered to attend the concert.

The crowd were energised for the entire night, as supporting acts Greyscale and Boy Bleach each gave outstanding performances before the headliners arrived. Greyscale, the indie rock band from Philadelphia, kicked off the show with ‘Dirty Bombs,’ ‘Motown,’ and ‘In Violet.’

Later in the performance, Greyscale slightly lowered the mood with their songs ‘Babylon’ and ‘Over Now,’ but they gave a powerful send-off performance of ‘Atlantic’, a grand climax for an incredible opening act.

The Manchester crowd was already anticipating the second support act, Boy Bleach, subversive punk boyband formed in East London. This upcoming band had a devoted following in-attendance tonight, giving them a standing ovation when they entered the stage. Boy Bleach began their concert tonight at the O2 Ritz right away, leaving an indelible mark with their distinctly vivacious show.

One standout moment from this show was Boy Bleach’s cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’, as they truly made the song their own. Though many contemporary indie bands have tried to cover this classic 2000s pop song, Boy Bleach’s interpretation here is unmatched. They played their most recent single, ‘Daylight Robbery,’ to finish their set.

The crowd went wild as The Band Camino entered the stage to deliver their headline performance. The Band Camino got the party started at the O2 Ritz with their songs ‘Told You So’, ‘Hush Hush,’ and ‘Less Than I do’.

The band performed in dazzling sunset coloured lighting, evoking the warm aesthetic of their 2019 EP Tryhard. The Band Camino appeared energised by the amazing atmosphere of the Ritz, as the audience sang along to every song. As the concert continued, they played ‘Last Man In The World’, a brand-new song that had its debut in Glasgow at the start of this tour.

The band finished the set with ‘See Through,’ 1LC,’ and ‘Daphne’. Leaving their crowd ecstatic, The Band Camino departed the stage to the sound of thunderous applause, as they wrapped up an incredible night of music.

Throughout the upcoming weeks, The Band Camino will continue to tour Europe. Get your tickets now for the Bristol and London performances of this indie rock band as the UK leg of the tour is coming to an end.

Greyscale supporting The Band Camino at Manchester O2 RItz

Boy Bleach supporting The Band Camino at Manchester O2 RItz

The Band Camino performing at Manchester O2 RItz

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