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Featured image: Jade Robertson

It’s not every day you see legendary actress Helena Bonham Carter wearing an item from your indie business. Spotted sporting the ‘Stardust Beaded Hair Clip’ for the Harry Potter reunion special, Jade Robertson’s Little Lies really is the “worst kept secret source of rock n roll inspiration”.

After being built on a love of Fleetwood Mac, 70s style, and Led Zeppelin, it’s the perfect combination of music and fashion. The Scotland-based brand is home to a range of rock and roll paraphernalia – from silver Kraken candle holders to fringed leather jackets to classic band t-shirts. There’s even an Almost Famous style coat which would certainly suit band-aid, Penny Lane. Turning their ideas from a dream to reality, they’ve even designed some own-brand pieces too, including a beautiful velvet kimono.

However, the brand is more than just fashion and home accessories. Their aim is to create a place where people feel like they belong and have their own gang – a community of their own making. It’s clearly something that has resonated with others, judging by a plethora of pleased customers and their ever-growing social media following.

aAh! Magazine caught up with the co-founder and creative director of Little Lies, Jade Robertson to find out more about the creation of their brand, unexpected customers, and what lies ahead for Little Lies. 

Photography: Jade Robertson

Did you always dream of starting an independent business? 

No! I had always dabbled in little side projects here and there but didn’t ever see having my own business as ‘the dream’. I enjoyed working for smaller companies as I loved being able to take on multiple roles and do a bit of everything, but I didn’t consider having my own business until the idea for Little Lies finally formed in my head. Once the brand was there in my brain though, I knew it was ‘The One’ and didn’t want to do anything else.

Where were you when you thought of creating ‘Little Lies’?

We were in Glasgow at King Tuts to see my friend’s boyfriend’s band, Jim Valentine. It’s such a great venue for intimate gigs and the band was so good!

Why did you choose to name your business after the Fleetwood Mac song?

There are multiple reasons I guess. The main one is that with our musical influences it just had to be a song title! I wanted something that instantly conjured up the vibe of the 70s music scene and although technically ‘Little Lies’ wasn’t released until 1987, Fleetwood Mac is synonymous with that era and Stevie Nicks’ boho-meets-rock ‘n roll soul is what our brand is all about, so it was perfect.

What is the ethos of your business for anyone who may not have heard of you yet?

Little Lies is more than just clothes, it’s all about the music and that feeling of having found your gang. There are deep-rooted inspirations, ideals, and dreams that weave through the centre of our brand and have kept us firmly rockin’ to our own beat over the last six years. Our purpose is to pull together collections of items that will fit, flatter and elevate confidence – items you’re gonna buy now and love forever cause they’re true to your personal style, not following trends. A lifetime of passions, hobbies, and experiences have gone into what makes Little Lies what it was when it launched and still is today.

What is the most rewarding aspect of running an independent business?

Having an idea, working like hell with our shit hot team to make it a reality, then seeing our customers enjoy the final result is so rewarding. Whether it’s an idea for a new product that we design or a styling theme for a story series that we shoot and put on our socials – seeing it in reality and getting tangible feedback from the bunch of badasses that shop it is why we do what we do!

Photography: Jade Robertson

What is the most challenging aspect of running an independent business?

I guess the fact that it’s non-stop is the biggest challenge. When you own a business, you don’t get a day off or time away from it. Even when you try to take some time out, you’re always thinking about it! Big things may be going on in life or in business, but one doesn’t stop for the other – being pregnant through 2020’s festive season with trimester one nausea was a challenge, realising we had to finally hire a photographer when I was too pregnant to manoeuvre to get the right angles was a laugh, and launching a sale during active labour I do not recommend. But, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Which are your favourite pieces in your collection?

We recently launched the first of our own brand pieces; items I designed and had produced exclusively for Little Lies. It’s amazing to see those ideas come to life, and there’s something special about seeing your handwriting on the neck label of a garment! I’m exceptionally proud of all our own brand pieces, but my favourite has to be Rock City – the velvet is so plush, the sleeves are insane and I love that you can style it wrapped as a dress or open as a kimono. My other top pick right now has to be the Almost Famous vinyl coat… it’s just unreal! I’ve been wearing mine with ripped skinnies, a classic band tee, high-top Converse, and a beanie for laid back rock ‘n’ roll winter style.

Photography: Jade Robertson

Helena Bonham Carter was spotted wearing your Stardust hair clip in the Harry Potter reunion. What was it like knowing it was from your business?

It was surreal! I still can’t believe she not only found our website but actually placed an order. It was so exciting to pack up for her, knowing where it was heading. We had checked her parcel tracking so we knew it had arrived safely but figured that would be the last we’d hear of it. It was my brother who told me she was then wearing it on the show – it was so unexpected!

Photography: Jade Robertson

Have you had any other unexpected customers?

We’ve spotted a few celeb ones over the years! Denise Van Outen gets in touch regularly if she has press events she may need to be dressed for. In our second year, we had an order for a dozen of our iconic hand candles from a top executive at Warner Music in Los Angeles – we figured they must’ve been for artist gifts!

What is your favourite song at the moment?

I don’t really have an ‘of the moment’ tune, to be honest. I’m one of those gals who listens to the same oldies on repeat! But my all-time faves have to be Led Zeppelin’s, ‘Trampled Under Foot’ and David Bowie’s, ‘Rebel Rebel’.

What are your future plans for Little Lies?

World domination! Only joking… that sounds way too stressful. We’re just working away and being excited about what we do! We’re continually setting big goals and dreaming up big plans, but the main tangible thing that’s on the horizon for 2022 is the next stage of developing our own brand product – really drawing from our core inspirations and designing cool shit that we know our customers are gonna love. As well as that, we doubled our square footage again just at the end of last year, so one major project is to set up our new fulfillment centre and then revamp our current one into more office and creative space. Exciting times, always!

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