Preview: Leo Boix, Kayo Chingonyi & Andrew McMillan – Manchester Literature Festival

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Contemporary Vintage poets Leo Boix, Kayo Chingonyi and Andrew McMillan will come together to showcase work from their stunning new collections as part of the Manchester Literature Festival.

Taking place in-person at the Anthony Burgess Foundation on Friday 15th October, the three poets will read from their works exploring the body’s relation to the social world.

Leo Boix’s collection Ballad of a Happy Imigrant offers a bilingual perspective of a young queer man’s migration to the UK as the poems navigate the course of displacement. They revisit the sea as well as home, concerned with what we leave behind and what we arrive at.

Kayo Chingonyi’s A Blood Condition attends to illness and the spatial and temporal reaches of colonialism, all the while singing the histories of those affected.

Andrew McMillan pandemonium confronts the topic of mental illness, tracing its contours against the larger backdrop of a community whose own states of fracture and withdrawal ultimately link the private to the social.

THe event

Leo Boix, Kayo Chingonyi & Andrew McMillan
Friday 15th October 2021 at 6:30pm
International Anthony Burgess Foundation
Tickets: £6/£8

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