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Review: Pony Effect Coral Flare Blush and Coral Flare Eyeshadow #Beloved

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Featured Image: Pony Effect Blush & Eyeshadow by Jenny Li

The main component of this collection is glitter, glitter, glitter,” Beauty Editor Jenny Li reviews the Pony Effect Beloved collection featuring a Coral Flare blush and eyeshadow duo.

The Pony Effect eyeshadow is reminiscent of Charlotte Tilbury’s Jewel Pots in Pillow Talk but, not as creamy and with chunky pieces of glitter, though at almost half the price. I purchased the eyeshadow for £15.42 and the blush for, £22.71 (prices can vary from site to site). The colour of the Coral Flare shadow is relatively muted unless you layer it on, however, unsurprisingly, it’s still not as opaque as the promotional images.

The standout aspect of this product is of course the glitter and shimmer, and it’s long-lasting. Over-applying the glitter does draw attention to the wrinkles on the eyelid, but a small amount provides a smooth, glossy look to the eye, and the glitter doesn’t irritate the eye over time. Caution should still be taken when applying to the eye area since there are large particles of glitter.

Coral Flare Blush and Eyeshadow. Photography: Jenny Li

The blush is similar to the shadow, in that it has some large specs of glitter in it, not as overly present as it is in the shadow but still noticeable. The formula is quite sheer but buildable, though be careful if your skin is textured because, it’s not completely a fine powder therefore, glitters will cling to the skin and enhance the dryness. The sheerness is not without reason, as the brand recommends that it can double as a highlighter, which it seems to perform better at.

This eyeshadow is definitely staying in my collection for special occasions but, the blush can be avoided. The blush adheres better to a specific skin type, that’s normal to oily and needs the cheeks to be relatively smooth.

The coral pink blushers’ market is oversaturated anyway, so if you’re still looking for one to enhance that summer glow then I’d recommend these: For shimmer-type blushers, Nars Orgasm is a tried and true or the Becca Luminous Blush, these give that blush and highlighter, 2-in-1 look; for mild shimmer blushers, the Jouer Blush Bouquet duo or Kiko Milano’s Green Me Blush in Coral View, give a beautiful blend for the ‘just blush’ wearers. If you’re not a fan of shimmer or glitter in blush try, the Patrick Ta Velvet Blush in She’s Passionate.

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