In Pictures: Manchester students march for Palestine

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Featured image: Kiah-Azriel Freer

Manchester students marched down Oxford Road on Wednesday, chanting “Viva la Palestina” as part of a Free Palestine march organised by Mcr Stands.

Waving flags and calling for The University of Manchester to sever their ties with the Israeli military, the protesters were vocal in their demands to end Israeli occupation in Palestine and the bombings of Palestinian homes.

Protesters met outside Hulme Asda and marched to Whitworth park and then to the University of Manchester campus.

The protest consisted of high school, college, and university students.

Sheikh Jarrah, a predominantly Palestinian neighbourhood in East Jerusalem, started trending on Twitter last month with the hashtag #savesheikhjarrah after Israeli police began evacuating Palestinian residents from their homes, sparking protests across the world.

The group chanted “Boycott Divestment Sanctions” in support of the BDS movement, a Palestinian-led movement that campaigns for an end to economic sanctions in Israel.

The protest finished at the University of Manchester Campus in an effort to raise awareness about the university’s exchange programme with Tel Aviv University, which has strong ties with the Israeli army.

A representative from MCR Stands said, “We want to spread awareness for the people of Palestine and educate others on what is happening, we hope that people use their platform and their voice to spread awareness.”

Free Palestine’ gallery by Kiah-Azriel Freer

Protestors wave Palestinian flags outside the University of Manchester.
A protester holds a sign reading: ‘0161 says free Palestine’.
Another sign reads ‘Peace to a land that was created for peace but never saw peaceful day.’
Human rights activist Natasha March speaks at the protest.
A protestor holds up their sign up before the march begins.
A speaker chants: “From the land to the sea I believe Palestine will be free.”
Protestors gather on Oxford Road.
Protesters pictured outside of The University of Manchester arch.

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