Creative Submission: ‘Puritanism’ by Thomas Gallimore Barker

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Featured Image: “Shettyhalli Church” by iamrawat (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)займ на карту 40000 мгновенно круглосуточно без проверок без отказа

Your God is nailed to a plank,

where is the freedom in that?


mine is a wandering whisper

that walks through the woods,

free of your phantom fears.

It forms itself in the white space

  them hairline cracks

between lines of dusty pews;

once when words were once offered to your God

have become echoes on the cobwebs,

that barely support the remaining pillars

which fall



in His church.

  Little do you realise

  that a life chained to rigidity

  has crumbled your abbeys, dissolved your monasteries—

  left ruins.

  Tell me

  can your God exist in dead churches?

Thomas is a third-year English and Creative Writing student with an interest in all things poetry. Outside of his studies, Tom spends his time writing posts for his blog and Instagram poetry account (@_3lectrify_), whilst helping to make Man Met’s Poetry Society a great part of MMU–as the society’s Vice-Chair and Treasurer. Though he writes about anything and everything that takes his fancy, Tom has a penchant for writing compelling works about nature and mythology. 

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