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aAh! recommends: the best live music in November  

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Manchester is famous for its rich music culture but as there’s always so much going on, it can be a bit overwhelming. So, aAh! has scoured the ‘What’s On’ pages of all of the best independent venues in the city and picked our top 10 most highly anticipated gigs of the month.


Tessa Rose Jackson AKA Someone is incredibly stylish, not only when it comes to her music but also as a visual artist. Her songs possess a cinematic feel whilst also maintaining an intimacy which lures the listener in and makes them want to stay there all night long.

Someone @ The Castle Hotel, 8th November, 7:30pm. Tickets £10. 

Anna Meredith

Scottish queen of the avant-garde, Anna Meredith’s experimental sound may not be for everyone. But if you’re willing to jump on her electronic wavelength, you’re sure to be in for a wild ride. 

Anna Meredith @ The Blues Kitchen, 11th November, 7pm. Ticket £16.50.

Jake Isaac

Honesty, the title of Jake Isaac’s latest album released earlier this year is a perfect one word summary of the multi-instrumentalist. A soulful singer-songwriter with lyricism packed with emotion, don’t be surprised if you leave his gig with teary eyes. 

Jake Isaac @ YES, 12th November, 7pm. Tickets £12.


Get ready for a party with Georgia’s bouncy house and electro-pop as your guide. It’s sure to be a night of feel good anthems and is definitely one to be enjoyed with the whole squad. So drag your mates down and leave your inhibitions at home. 

Georgia @ Gorilla, 21st November, 7pm. Tickets £16.31.

Priya Ragu

If you manage to sneak on to the FIFA 21 playlist then you must be doing something right. A fusion of R&B and South Asian culture, Priya Ragu’s sound is bold and imaginative. Her debut single Good Love 2.0’ catapulted her into one of the most hotly tipped breaking artists around. Don’t miss the chance to see her in an intimate venue because Priya Ragu is destined to sell out arenas. 

Priya Ragu @ YES, 22nd November, 7:30pm. Tickets £10.


The new punk outfit describe themselves as having a propensity for complex, sweaty rhythms twinned with impish humour. Though often descending into a blessed cacophony of cathartic joy, KEG have their quiet moments of intimacy too. 

KEG @ Night & Day, 24th November, 7.30pm. Tickets £10.

Sam Brookes

Possessing a multi-octave vocal range often compared to that of Tim Buckley, the folk musician’s melancholic sound is a transcendental experience to behold. After a tough few years, Sam is re-emerging as one of the most accomplished singer songwriters around.

Sam Brookes @ Gullivers, 25th November, 7.30pm. Tickets £10.

Penelope Isles

Hot on the heels of the release of their second album Which Way To Happy, the sentimental songsmiths will be sharing their latest dreamlike melodies. Penelope Isles are a hard bunch to pin down and describe themselves as fragile yet ferocious. 

Penelope Isles @ Gullivers, 26th November, 7.30pm. Tickets £10.

The Orielles

Trying to imagine what disco punk sounds like might be a tough task for those who haven’t yet listened to The Orielles. Still only in their teens, The band have already released two critically acclaimed albums and made a film, soundtracked and performed by the band themselves. 

The Orielles @ Night & Day, 27th November, 8pm. Tickets £15.


With a timeless voice and romantic lyrics, Eloise’s live performances are always an intimate affair. Two EPs in and fresh from her tour supporting London Grammar, the jazz pop singer songwriter is one to watch.

Eloise @ The Deaf Institute, 29th November, 7:30pm. Tickets £10.

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