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Track of the Week: ‘Leaders of a Lost Generation’ by Scuttlers

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Manchester-based band Scuttlers have stayed true to their northern roots with their new album single ‘Leaders of a Lost Generation’, which could be the city’s latest hit.

‘Scuttlers’ was the name given to the young working-class gangs of Manchester in the past, and the band has certainly kept that aesthetic with this new single.

What can be seen as a love song is full of determination and has a strong emphasis on the northern accent that we all love to sing along with.

Another element which makes this song unique is the sense of sorrow and admiration portrayed through the great guitar rhythms and vocals. It’s a track that stands out in the Manchester scene and brings the current generation back to the early days of when the ‘scuttlers’ roamed the streets.

You can listen to Scuttlers’ new album single on Spotify.

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