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Slowthai Tweets Apology to Kathrine Ryan For Abuse at NME Awards

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British rapper Slowthai has apologised to Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan after an altercation on Tuesday at the NME Awards. 

Slowthai has asked NME to give his “Hero of the Year” award to Ryan.

Tyron Kaymone Frampton, who goes by the stage name of Slowthai, made lewd comments to the comedian asking her to “smell his cologne” and referred to her as “baby girl”.

Slowthai went on to say: “Katherine you are a master at your craft and next time i’ll take my seat and leave the comedy to you. to any woman or man who saw a reflection of situations they’ve been in in those videos, i am sorry. i promise to do better. let’s talk here.

At the award ceremony last night, Slowthai made the comment “Baby girl, I don’t want to have to do this right now, if you want to do something see me later. She wants me to tend her flowers… You’ve never had no one to play with you the way I play”.

Katherine replied to the tweet saying: “I knew you were joking and congratulations on your very award-worthy album! I hope you know that a bad day on social media passes so quickly. Everything will be better tomorrow”.

Opinions on Slowthai’s behaviour are divided.

Twitter user, ella_devereux wrote, “it has to be acknowledged that so many people saw similarities in slowthai’s behaviour with their own experiences of provocative sexual advances/harassment. the concern comes from the fact that playing it off as a joke means this kind of conduct becomes normalised”.

Another user defended Slowthai’s actions: “The full video actually shows Catherine entertaining Slowthai and then it just esced. Both parties are in the wrong imo. Funny though”.

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