Manchester Met Applies Automatic Deadline Extension To Assignments Due Between 24th March – 1st May

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All students studying an undergraduate or a taught post-graduate degree will get an automatic one week extension to all assignments due between Tuesday 24th March and Friday 1st May.

Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education Helen Laville and Student Union Education Officer Lucy Follon have published a joint statement updating students on assignment deadline extensions and contextualized marking in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The online statement reads: “To reflect recent changes to teaching and learning, and in response to your feedback, we are adding an automatic extension of one week to all Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught assignments that were due between 24 March and 1 May.

“Some department or unit leaders have already communicated unit-level extensions, and you may have seen updates in Moodle. If your deadline has already been changed, this one-week extension will not apply. Otherwise, new deadlines will appear in individual Moodle areas shortly, and unit leaders will confirm the extension.”

The automatic deadline extension doesn’t apply if your department or unit leaders have already communicated extensions.

The extension might also not apply in certain circumstances where the assignments have been designed for live presentation, interviews etc.

“If this applies to you, the dates may not be amended but your unit leader will be in touch to support you with any questions.”

The statement continues: “As a reminder, we are now prioritising marking to enable all students to progress or gain their degrees. It may take a little longer than usual to return marks and feedback may be shorter than usual, focusing on the key points only.”

“We recognise the dedication and hard work you put into your studies and we are working hard to assure the integrity and value of your degree.

“To ensure that all students are treated fairly, marking will take into account the impacts of coronavirus (e.g. that you may have limited access to research material and/or equipment and/or restrictions to group or field work).

“It is important that we preserve the academic quality of assignments as we are sure you will appreciate.

“We will share detailed guidance on marking criteria as soon as we can through the Teaching, Learning & Assessment section.”

For Covid-19 health advice, please visit the NHS website.

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