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Meet the app offering half price food at Manchester restaurants and helping the homeless

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By Pierangelly Del Rio Martinez

Use referral code MMUDEAL to earn free food.

According recent reports, Manchester has the highest number of rough sleepers in the country, only falling behind Brighton and two inner London boroughs. In response, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, has promised to end rough sleeping entirely by 2020. As the situation persists, an app aims to help the homeless while offering its users the best discounts from Mancunian restaurants.

The Dealer App aims to revolutionise the way discounting works in Manchester by allowing restaurants owners to manage their promotions easily and successfully. Through the app, restaurant owners can change their promotions in real time, focus them on specific times of the day or days of the week and cap the number of people that are eligible to receive each offer. In exchange, app users can get juicy discounts as, contrary to the way in which other discount apps work, the minimum in discount offer in The Dealer App is 20% off and the vast majority of vendors regularly list deals at 30%, 40% and 50%.

This poses the question: if we get you 50% off your lunch, will you give £0.50 back to charities fighting homelessness? For every deal that is redeemed on the app, a pop up appears asking the users if they would be willing to give back a small fraction of the saved money. This sum will go to the charities fighting rough sleeping in Manchester. Users have the option to choose between giving £0.50 back to charity or pass on a smile instead. With this system, The Dealer aims to incorporate the action of giving and supporting the homeless a regular practice in our weekly lives.

The collected funds are passed directly onto a selection of chosen characters. Currently, The Dealer supports seven homeless charities across the UK, with the chosen Manchester charity being Mustard Tree. For every £10 collected, Mustard Tree is capable to provide with £160 worth of food for family and individuals in need. The Dealer doesn’t stop at homeless charities; they are also hoping to raise additional funds for those services affected by government cuts.

The innovative concept has been well received and under a hundred restaurants have already signed up. Among them is this year’s winner at the Manchester Food and Drink awards, Bundobust. The immediate step to follow this successful reception is expansion, targeting other cities and industries.

The Dealer App is available to download on both the Android and Apple stores. Use referral code MMUDEAL to earn free food!

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