REVIEW: Bohemian Rhapsody Is A Love Letter To Music

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By Ben Thompson

On the day I saw ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, it’d been exactly twenty seven years since Freddie Mercury had passed away. Dying at only 45 years old, Mercury left behind a legacy that is yet to be outdone. This film not only does his story justice, it is a perfect love letter to Queen and to music in general.

The film does not give a sanitised version of Mercury’s story. The audience see him at his lowest points, and we’re almost drawn to dislike him in those moments – but who could stay angry with Freddie Mercury?

These moments also make it all the more satisfying when we see him triumph. The Live Aid scene is an immersive cinematic masterpiece, positioning the audience as concert spectators, creating an overwhelming urge to tap your feet and sing along.

While fans of Queen will almost undoubtedly love this film, some creative liberties have been taken. The casual movie-goer may not pick up on some inaccuracies – Freddie Mercury didn’t know he had AIDs before Live Aid, for instance, as presented in the film – but some die-hard fans may be raising an eyebrow here and there.

This is not a documentary, however, and as a biopic, it is a triumph of its genre.

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