Student Voice: The true face of the new Tory leader

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By Jack Holmes

The days of the diet Tory are over. Welcome to a Britain led by a full fat, non-diluted, truly terrifying individual, in the form of Theresa May.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Britain’s slow decline into insanity, since David Cameron resigned in the post Brexit meltdown, the Tory party was tasked with deciding just who embodied the party’s beliefs and ideals for Britain, and select a new Prime Minister to lead it.

It’s fitting then that the final two candidates boiled down to Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May. Leadsom has three children and commented on Friday that this gave her the “edge” over the childless Teresa May. The media backlash was swift, and, it seemed to many, justified, resulting in Leadsom pulling out of the race earlier this afternoon, commenting, “I’ve been attacked, it’s been shattering.”

So, we are now, as a people, cursed to be the subjects to Theresa May, a woman who for years has opposed legalization that guarantees equality and human rights. She’s made repeated claims that she would move to repeal laws that guarantee human rights in Britain, as well as, on a number of occasions, even opposing climate change measures.

Indeed, her most recent act of seeming evil was her support in the campaign to repeal the Human Rights Act citing that she believed it “limited the powers of government”, which I believe most people would argue is entirely the point.

In 2013, she voted against a law that would make it illegal to discriminate against a person based on their race. She abstained from a vote for human rights for immigrants in 2014 and actually campaigned for going to war in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.

Make no mistake, if you’re reading this in Britain and you aren’t a millionaire, it’s incredibly unlikely the same rights protecting you now will be in place come the 2020 general election.

With UK citizens rights already at risk in the aftermath of Brexit, May’s control of the Tory party could spell disaster, particularly for those with low incomes and those staying in Britain from outside of the UK.

Theresa_MayIn fact, you may remember earlier this year a BBC Panorama investigation finding May guilty of “wrongly exporting 48,000 students”  after she revoked the sponsorship licenses of around 60 educational institutions, and detained and removed tens of thousands of international students who had obtained the right to stay in Britain for their studies. A tribunal investigated the educatory institution and test removal undergone by May and found they, “Almost remarkably, provided no evidence, directly or indirectly,” going on to describe the deportation “mildly astonishing.”

And don’t forget her move to ban all foreign students from working during their course, as well as forcing them to leave as soon as their course is over, rather than giving them the opportunity to apply their talents to our economy. The National Union of Students describe it as “the latest in a long line of attacks handed down to international students by the government”.

The list goes on…

Be warned fellow students, if you thought the last six years of Tory control has been difficult, May is here to make you remember the good old days of student protests and hiked loans with a fondness.

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