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Manchester Met Refreshers Fair 2016

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By Jack Holmes

One of Manchester Met’s greatest draws when it comes to the competitive world of University education is its wealth of societies and relations with local businesses. This Wednesday saw these groups of like minded individuals, local clubs and a wide variety of businesses, once again taking over the Union to promote what they can do for students.

If you didn’t attend September’s Freshers’ Fair, this may have been your first opportunity to come and see the new union building, which recently celebrated it’s first birthday. The new building offers ample room, with societies pitching tables and displays throughout the Union’s main hall, foyer, balcony dining area and conference room. The Refreshers Fair isn’t the only event taking place to celebrate the Unions birthday either, you can check out the rest here.

Manchester Met’s societies also have reason to celebrate at the moment, having raised over £6000 and collecting over 650kg of food for charity. Events included a bake sales, a touch rugby tournament and three food bank collections, all of which combined for the impressive total.

Their success is likely a result of the huge number of societies that the Union now support, with over 80 societies now flourishing. Aaron Brady, social secretary of the Gamers society, pointed out the benefits of joining a society stating, “It’s a good way to meet people and it gives you something to do every week”.

It wasn’t just the societies showing off however, from the usual Dominos free pizza offers (yes, they even have free pizza), to Street Cars and Fifth Avenue, local businesses were keen to remind us of the student offers that you might not have heard about. Of course if the stalls don’t manage to sell you on their business alone, they usual bring some freebies to help convince you. You’ll appreciate that queue jump at Fifth when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

It’s also impressive to note that not all of Manchester Met’s societies managed to make it to the Refreshers Fair and there’s many more hosting regular meetups, events, screenings and more throughout the year. If you didn’t manage to find the society you were looking for at the Refreshers fair or you’re just interested to find out about the societies, there’s a full list here.

Did you come down to the Refreshers Fair? Did a table really convince you to check them out? Let us know at @HumanityHallows or @holmesblogs

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