Jo Cox dead: Man arrested over fatal shooting of Labour MP

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By Jack Holmes

The Labour MP Jo Cox has died after being stabbed, kicked and shot repeatedly in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

Tommy Mair, a 52 year old local man has now been arrested in connection with the murder. Weapons including a firearm have also been recovered. Mair’s home is also being investigated by local police.

A 77 year old man was also harmed nearby. However, police have now confirmed his injuries to be “non life threatening.”

The attacker was reported by one eye witness as having shouted “Britain First” as he left the scene of the attack.

The Britain First Party have been quick to distance themselves from the act, with Jayden Fransen, the deputy leader of the controversial party commenting, “This is hearsay. We are not hearing anything from within our organisation” and that the Britain First Party “absolutely condemn this kind of behavior, we think it is disgusting in fact, and attacking an MP is an attack on democracy”.

birstall estate location

Cox was attacked at around 12.30pm according to eye witnesses, and was pronounced dead by a doctor working with the paramedics at the scene at 1.48pm.

Witnesses stated that the attack took place as Cox was involved in an altercation with two men near the Bristall Library were she holds regular advice surgeries.

There is now a large police presence at the Fieldhead Estate, the site of the attack, with police speaking to a number of eye witnesses.

Police have confirmed that there is now a “full investigation underway to establish the motive”. Police have also made a statement that the allegations of the individual shouting “Britain First”, would make up part of that investigation.

The labour MP had made her name campaigning for refugees’ rights, fox hunting bans and recently abstained from the vote on UK military involvement in Syria, stating she didn’t believe “the intervention to be part of an effective comprehensive strategy to tackle the Syrian conflict.”

The EU Referendum campaigns for both the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ parties have been postponed due to the murder. Cox was a supporter of the Remain campaign.

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