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E3 2016 Day One: EA, Bethesda and Microsoft

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By Jack Holmes

So the biggest event on every video gamer’s calendar has once again dawned on us. Humanity Hallows will be posting an overview of each of the conference/festival/gaming mecca’s news-filled days to keep you up to date with the biggest stories, surprise releases, and blockbuster titles, all nicely packaged, just for you.

Day one kicks off with EA, Bethesda and Microsoft conferences, promising a mixed bag of yearly titles, risk takers and some odd choices for existing titles. Yes, we’re looking at you EA. So, without further ado, here’s what the day contained.


EA brought a surprisingly eclectic mix of content to E3. Their heavy hitter was, of course, Battlefield 1 which they delved into in detail, offering up the new gameplay trailer you can see below.

Their other multiplayer shooter Titanfall made an appearance, along with solid proof that the sequel to 2014’s mech suit first person shooter (FPS), would indeed feature a story mode. Hopefully, that will bring some much needed soul to what’s quickly proving itself a promising franchise.

Numerous Star Wars titles were teased including the The Old Republic and Galaxy of Heroes, as well as the upcoming downloadable content (DLC) for Star Wars Battlefront.

The new Mass Effect Andromeda made an appearance, although we’re still waiting to see a full trailer, instead being offered a behind the scenes look at how the game’s shaping up with just a little gameplay mixed in. With a title that big though, fans will take whatever they can get.

Finally EA offered up the usual sports titles. Were Madden17 didn’t seem to be pushing too many boundaries, it was FIFA’s story mode that caught just about everyone off guard. That’s right, if you hadn’t heard, the next installment in the FIFA series will have you take the place of Alex Hunter as he makes his way through the Premier League. Give the trailer below a watch and let us know what you think about the controversial update to the classic format.


After last year’s Fallout 4 reveal completely dominated E3 2015, there were high expectations for the Bethesda team. However with such a large title released last year, fans weren’t expecting anything too huge when it came to game worlds and therefore Bethesda frontrunner in the form of Dishonoured 2 was given the limelight. It was a smart move given the original titles cult following and the second seems to stay true to the fans, as well as bringing a little something extra to the Dishonoured legacy.

Fallout 4’s DLC was also teased, but with only one installment appearing to be narrative-driven content, some fans felt a little underwhelmed.

Bethesda’s two reboots took the form of Quake Champions, a competitive arena based FPS, and the more mysterious PREY reboot, which you can watch the trailer for below.

Bethesda finished off their presentation with a fan-favourite announcement in the form of a Skyrim remaster for current generation consoles. The announcement, naturally, was trending on Twitter and Facebook within minutes.


Microsoft unleashed an onslaught of content for the last conference of the day. Gears of War 4 was out in force, with confirmation on a horde mode, special edition elite controller and a promise that it’s co-op mode would “borrow the best from the earlier entries”.

Sea of Thieves promoted its unique blend of pirate based co-op gameplay, as well as a multiplayer trailer for Halo Wars, about the only console real time strategy still in production. Their multiplayer section was finally rounded up with the monster-befriending, Scalebound, that seems to be a more Japanese version of Eragon. What? You never saw the movie?

A one two punch of zombie titles was also included with State of Decay confirmed for both PC and Xbox, and a trailer release for Dead Rising 4.

Perhaps the most interesting title though was Recore, which had a beautifully original trailer, and hopes to continue the originality with its action adventure gameplay upon release some time later this year.

Which of the big announcements caught your eye the most? Did we forget to mention a title you’d been waiting to hear about and were expecting to? Let us know at @Holmesblogs and @HumanityHallows

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