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MA Art Show 2015

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By Jack Holmes

The Manchester School of Art’s yearly MA Show is one of the highlights of the culture scene in Manchester. 2015’s edition proves to be no different, presenting mediums from installation art, photography, fine art, sound art and more. It’s the perfect opportunity to come and discover the rising stars in the new art scene.


Some of the pieces on display are genuinely breath taking, and yet beyond the face value of their genuine beauty on offer, there’s an abundance of deeper messages. If you’re not an art aficionado there’s a handy ‘catalogue’ that allows the creators of each piece to explain the drive behind their work, and often give an insight into the messages and emotions they’ve set out to convey. It’s interesting to compare your own interpretations of each piece to those of the artist, and discover just how differently two minds can interact with the same images. It’s what makes art so interesting.

IMG_2111A number of friends, and family of the artists were also enjoying the show, as well as passing locals who were intrigued to see what the modern art student had to say. I spoke to one couple who praised artists “amazing, just amazing work”, they went on to tell me that they’d never been inside any of the University buildings before the show and were glad to see the University interacting with the local community. Another art student attending was there for inspiration for her own pieces, commenting “I’d love to be able to do something of this size but I don’t think I’m quite good enough yet” gesturing to Riika Enne’s huge installation piece that you can see to the left.

The MA Show is unique in that it isn’t themed in any way. Artists are free to present any of their work and this leads to an exhibition with something for everyone. There are more bold and obvious pieces, and some that push the viewer to interpret their own messages.

The show opened on October 1st and will run until October 9th, and is open Monday to Friday 10am-6pm, and 10am – 4.30pm on Saturday.  So if you haven’t already taken the opportunity to come and see these stunning examples of Manchester student’s artistic talent, you’d best make it quick. Besides it’s completely free, so you really don’t have an excuse not to come down and view some of the amazing work that MMU students have created.

If you want to take a look back at your favourites, or you want a taster of what the MA show has to offer you can see all the pieces here. You can also follow the Manchester School of Art on Twitter at @Mcrschart and follow the MA Show on the #MAShow2015.

What was your favourite piece at this years MA Art Show? Let us know at @holmesblogs or @HumanityHallows.


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