Fourth Time Lucky…

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By Ian Peek

We’re often told perseverance and tenacity are necessary attributes for aspiring writers to cultivate. I couldn’t have wished for a better object lesson in this than with my own application to the MA Creative Writing!

I’d become more serious about my own writing in early summer, and was quietly confident of securing a place on the MA Creative Writing course. I received my rejection letter with due devastation.

Yet, upon contacting the course tutors I learned there were still a few weeks to apply and assembled an entirely new portfolio. This earned me a phone interview where I avoided my second rejection; persuading an initial “no” to turn “yes”.

…This transpired to only be a conditional offer! I spent the weekend fulfilling the condition, attended a Welcome event for the course, and spoke enthusiastically with tutors and students alike.

The following week I sat in my first lesson, accepted the day the course began. I’d learned one lesson along the way already.
– Perseverance pays!

Ian is an MA Creative Writing Student. He loves words and trying to arrange them into an agreeable order. You can follow him on Twitter @IanPeek_Write

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