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Helena and Naomi’s Wardrobe – It’s A Height Thing

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Naomi and Helena

By Helena Tomlinson

So I thought it was about time that I delved into my wardrobe and showed you some of my clothes as I get to see yours week in week out. For someone who is a style editor, I think I own more clothes than all of the writers at Humanity Hallows put together! I am 5’11 with massive feet, so I am sure any woman of my height will understand the pain of trying to: (A) Buy clothes and shoes and: (B) Be on trend. However, I have never understood the problems of being small. I have enlisted the help of my best friend, Naomi. She has the opposite problem … being rather on the small side at 5’2. Hopefully we can show you how we overcome our wardrobe malfunctions!

Two Pieces:

Naomi Two image

Naomi and I have two very different problems when it comes to matching two pieces … legs and chest. When we bought our two pieces Naomi tried on mine and it didn’t suit, as she puts it “Sticky bras when you’re a D cup aren’t a thing!”. However, for me, who isn’t quite as lucky to be as well endowed, I can pull off the no bra look with no worry of a wardrobe malfunction. I have a matching midi skirt, which when you’re going for a crop top is a better look for anyone around my height. Naomi on the other hand, found a shorter skirt to match, which works better for her, as longer skirts can actually make shorter ladies look even smaller.

Outfits: BothMiss Selfridge


Naomi Dress Helena dress

When it comes to going out our philosophies are the same … keep it dark! Naomi’s reasoning for keeping it dark is because she feels pastels and most brighter colours can often make her look like a child. However my reasoning for dark colours is more practical as I tend to be the one who has the friend that spills a drink all down them while they’re dancing in clubs. Naomi’s little number is the perfect example of how the LBD has changed to adopt modern styles. The cutouts at the waist draw the attention to her smallest part, while the Hi-Low bottom elongates her legs. My navy plunge dress also draws the attention to the right places. With the top being fitted it highlights the smallness of my top half but also hides my wide hips by having a floaty skater bottom.

Outfits: Naomi – Dress H&M, Boots Primark  Helena – Dress ASOS, Shoes New Look


Naomi Formal Helena Formal

Whether it’s a Ball, Wedding or Birthday, looking classy in formal wear can be difficult! Naomi and I have taken two traditional approaches but have put a twist on them. I have chosen a classic style of formal dress but put a colour explosion on it by wearing a Royal Blue Kate Middleton style dress. Whereas Naomi has gone for a traditional black dress with a mesh insert that adds a flare to her outfit.

Outfits: Naomi – Dress River Island, Boots Primark  Helena – Dress New Look, Boots New Look

Crop tops:

Naomi CropHelena Crop

Both of us would be inclined to agree that mainly skinny girls with boyish frames can wear any crop top and look amazing, but as girls with curves we have managed to find crops that accentuate our curvy bodies. Naomi has gone for a traditional black crop with a slim white stripe feature. Teaming this with a black leather look skater skirt means it really pulls her in at the waist again. I have gone for a bold print with my turtleneck crop but I have teamed this with a fitted black skirt which shows my curves in a different way.

Outfits: Naomi – Top New Look, Skirt Oasis, Boots TopshopHelena – Top Primark, Skirt Topshop, Boots New Look

Day Looks:

Naomi dayHelena Day

Both Naomi and I dress very similarly in our day to day styles … probably what made me what to talk to her at college! Our day looks often come across as boyish, 1990s style, that, nine times out of ten, consists of our shared passion of Monochrome, Leather and trainers. Even though Naomi described my style as ‘bold and sophisticated’… I will take that compliment.

Outfits: Naomi – Top Ark, Jeans Topshop, Shoes Nike  Helena – Top ASOS, Leggings ASOS, Shoes Nike

 Our Top Tips: 

Plan ahead – If you take time to plan your look for a night out then there is less chance of you making a fashion disaster.

Take a friend shopping with you – As Naomi and I discovered on a team shopping trip, she doesn’t suit purple and I don’t suit sequins!

If it looks awful on, DON’T BUY IT!! – If its too tight, baggy, short, long etc don’t bother … you won’t grow into it (even if the dress was 80p in the sale), it’s not worth the wardrobe space.

Sassy Short Summary: “I’m the height of a twelve year old, I don’t want to dress like one too!”

Top Tall Trick: “It’s finding the balance between not looking like a boy, drag queen and/or that I’ve out grown my clothes.”

Remember shopping on the high street isn’t always easy,  no matter what shape or size you are! Naomi put’s it best saying “Beyoncé couldn’t shop on the high street. If I were rich and skinny I would probably shop a lot differently!” 

Helena is her second year studying History and Politics. Follow her on Instagram @helenaftomo for fashion and beauty tips.

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