The Biased Broadcasting Company and Choice of 2015

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By Dan J Broadley

A few weeks ago it was announced the main British broadcasters had decided on the selection of political party leaders to include in the 2015 election TV debates. ‘The Big Three’ of Tory, Labour and Lib Dem were included, along with the new rise of fascism, UKIP. UKIP have won one seat just this year in a by-election and have been given a place. The Green Party have had a seat for years and are now polling ahead of the Liberal Democrats, growing just as fast as UKIP, yet they have not been included. Why? Media bias!

It’s quite simple. If people watch enough news and read enough papers eroticising over UKIP and how they’re on a huge surge, they’ll be brainwashed in to believing it. Further, if they are so devoid of free thought, may even vote for them.

Some people call it free press. I call it propaganda garbage.

Let us take a look at our main choices in 2015:

David Cameron and Nick CleggThe Conservative Party, consisting of current Prime Minister Cameron and his best buddy since their time at Eton, Chancellor Osbourne. They want to sell off the NHS to their rich buddies, wage war in Iraq and Syria (despite dealing with equally extreme Saudi Arabia…), go ‘fracking’ for natural gas and make further cuts to the welfare system because the unemployed are apparently a bigger strain on the deficit than the billion pound industry of corporate tax avoidance. They probably dress up in Thatcher wigs to pass the time.

The Liberal Democrats, led by haggered old Nick Clegg. Just look at how sad he is. He’ll make you any promise you like (like prevent the introduction of tuition fees to get the big student vote) then do the exact opposite for his own gain of power. To summarise, whenever they’re brought up in an A Level politics discussion, it’s not to talk about their policies, but to poke fun at them.

The Labour Party led by Ed Miliband. The party who look out for the poor and the working man against the rich and powerful? Nope. Ed went to Oxford and is married to a barrister. He’s also a moron and less popular than Nick Clegg, which is definitely saying something. Although the Labour Party may not be a laughing stock like the Lib Dems, Miliband certainly is. They don’t really challenge the Tory party; they’ve become very similar over recent years. So what’s the point in the Labour party? And look at that picture. Do you want him to be your Prime Minister? Really?

Nigel_FarageAh, Nigel Farage and the rise of his party UKIP. If you’ve fallen for them, you’re as big a moron as Ed. There’s a huge misconception that Farage and his ‘peoples army’ are looking out for the working class, unemployed and poor. In reality all they want to do is rid any foreigners and get out of the EU. These two issues will probably be addressed by the Tories just before the election and rid and reason for a ‘UK Independence Party’.

The Green Party led by Natalie Bennett. They’re miles ahead of the game on monetary policy because they seem to be the only party that realise banks can just conjure up money as if from nowhere and that there needs to be huge monetary reform. Switch to renewable energies, decriminalise illegal drugs, a minimum wage of £10 an hour and decentralisation. Agree with them or not, they’re probably the only party with a serious vision on making progress as all the other parties keep their heads buried in neo-liberal text books.

From this post I may come across as a very cynical person. I’m actually not, I just think politics as it is now is a complete waste of time and the Biased Broadcasting Companies are ruining any chance of progress by blotting out parties that want to move forward and big up the parties stuck in the past.

This post is just my opinions as everything on the BBC and ITV and Sky news is just theirs. Don’t believe everything you read and watch. Think for yourself.

Dan is an English and Creative Writing student at Manchester Metropolitan University. His interests include music, festivals, bass guitar, writing poetry, having ideas for novels and meditation. Follow him on Twitter @DanJBroadley. Dan’s personal blog is odd

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