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Fozzy @ Academy 2 gallery – a demonstration of rock music at its best

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Featured image and gallery: Ben Redshaw

Fozzy take to Manchester for their ‘Spotlight the UK’ tour, with supporting acts from Pistols at Dawn and The Hot Damn! The evening is a demonstration of rock music at its best.

Pistols at Dawn and The Hot Damn! take the crowd by storm as they ensure a night of rock and roll in preparation of Fozzy’s headline performance. They have the crowd on their feet, making the venue thump with their upbeat punk rock and metal sound.

Fozzy take to the stage with frontman, Chris Jericho’s larger than life showmanship (a nod to his WWE and AEW days) providing a collective adrenaline rush for fans. Guitarist Rich Ward and the rest of the band continuously provide capturing solos and ear-splitting rhythms.

It’s a setlist of hard-hitters including ‘Painless’ and ‘Sane’, as well as ‘Burn Me Out’, an eruption of excitement and the chanting of lyrics back a frequent occurrence throughout. Chants of “Fozzy, Fozzy, Fozzy” are repeated at every given opportunity. The band manages to take a moment to relish in this praise and appreciation.

Fozzy’s biggest hit ‘Judas’ sends the audience into a final frenzy, proving once again why they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of guitar music.

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