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Aladdin @ The Palace Theatre review – Exceptional glitz and glamour

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Featured image: The Palace Theatre, Deen Van Meer

Manchester’s Palace Theatre is bathed in magic as Disney’s Aladdin takes centre-stage for six weeks as part of its UK travelling tour. With a cast of renowned talent, the show offers an exciting reinvention of the Disney classic. Based on the 1992 film, Aladdin reminds us of childhood, serving a heaped tablespoon of nostalgia to one and all.

In his professional debut, as Aladdin, Gavin Adams, a Royal Academy of Music graduate, impresses with mesmerising vocals in ‘Proud of Your Boy’, and his exceptional movement repertoire which includes ballroom and tap dancing.

The stage is filled with glamour and glitz throughout the production, featuring exquisite costumes, magnificent vocals, and lively dance routines. Yeukayi Ushe shines as the Genie, delivering a stellar performance of the iconic number, ‘Friend Like Me’. The way in which Ushe dances from one end of the stage to the other is breathtaking.

The entire cast joins him  for a number, with magical twists and confetti canyons. It is Ushe’s energy and stamina that brings this timeliness and joyful song to life, making him the perfect character to entertain the audience.

Jo Servi takes on the role of Sultan, while Angelo Paragoso portrays Lago, bringing malevolence to the stage. Their mischievous laughter fills the theatre as they bounce off each other, leaving a lasting impression. Servi’s villain is particularly frightening for younger audience members due to his deep voice and powerful vocals in ‘Prince Ali’. Angelo Paragoso’s comedic touch softens Sultan’s wicked character, making their performance even more enthralling.

During the emotional performance of the well-known Aladdin song ‘A Whole New World’, Gavin Adams and Desmonda Cathabel, who plays Jasmine, soars across the stage on an enchanting carpet, bringing some of the audience to tears. The theatre is illuminated with stars as the two performers move around seamlessly, the song to infusing the entire theatre with genuine love and beauty, creating a palpable feeling of Disney magic.

As the performance comes to a close, the entire crowd is enchanted by this unforgettable production. As streamers cascade from above during the finale, this ensemble truly embodies the essence of Disney’s charm.

Disney’s Aladdin is showing at the Palace Theatre in Manchester from 23rd May to 7th July. To see other dates and to read more, visit

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