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Osees @ Manchester Albert Hall review and gallery – a wild 10th anniversary show

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Featured image and gallery: Ben Redshaw

Iconic American punk band Osees brought their 10th Anniversary show to Manchester Albert Hall, introducing their new album A Foul Form to Manc fans. They filled the sold out venue with an infectious raucous energy as fans threw pints and rocked with frontman John Dwyer.

Kicking off the evening was alternative rock band Psychic Graveyard. They opened the show with hit ‘I Wanted Anything’. The intense crowd instantly started throwing each other around the venue as lively mosh pits quickly formed.

The indie rock band knew their audience as they kept up the noise with ‘The Night’. Their performance gave a retro punk rock vibe to the Manchester scene. Closing the set with ‘I Know That Man’, Psychic Graveyard set the tone for Osees’ return to Manchester.

The insanely energetic audience showed nothing but support as they roared as the notorious band hit the stage. Starting their set with ‘Withered Hand’, pints had already begun flying around the venue as John Dwyer shredded the mic. Testing the speakers limit, Osees continued to rock this crowd with ‘Funeral Solution’, ‘Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster’ and ‘Scum Show’.

During ‘The Static God’ fans were spotted crowd surfing and diving around the venue. Showing the band how crazy these dedicated fans were, they were all over the place. It wasn’t only beer that was flying across the Albert Hall this evening.

Later on in the show, Osees performed some of their classics including ‘The Dream’. This wasn’t your typical concert; frontman John Dwyer knew exactly how to put on a show as he was all over the stage really connecting with his fans in attendance. Maintaining the energy, the psychedelic ‘The Daily Heavy’ begun and the crowd went wild.

Bringing the night to a close, Osees performed their encore, bring down the tone slightly with ‘Sticky Hulks’ and then ending with ‘Encrypted Bounce’ as a final send off to such a wild night for Manchester.

Osees are touring throughout the UK and Ireland during the next few weeks in cities such as Glasgow, Dublin, Liverpool, London Bristol, and Leeds. Alternative rock fans around the world, you don’t want to miss this unique performance.

Psychic Graveyard supporting Osees at Manchester Albert Hall

Osees perfomance at Manchester Albert Hall

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