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“Meet people, make friends and think critically”: Graduates share top tips for Freshers

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Featured image: Bradley Sansom & Lucy Warburton

Graduation is a special time to look back and reflect on your time at university. As the chapter closes for one year of students and a new chapter starts for those entering their first year at university, what better people to give advice than the group that just completed their uni experience. We caught up with recent graduates for their advice for freshers.

Course: Multimedia Journalism

Top tip: “Get involved in as much extra-curricular stuff as you can! My first year was during Covid, so I couldn’t do a lot. But in my second year I did as much as I could, including aAh! Magazine, the Northern Quota, and I can’t forget Matchday Live.”

Course: English and Multimedia Journalism

Top tip: “Work hard and don’t skip any of your lectures because they are very, very important. As much as you may want to skip sometimes, definitely go to them!”

Course: Graphic Design

Top tip: “Meet people, make friends and think critically. Your time at uni is great to challenge your beliefs and preconceptions. Learn, stumble and fail (at times), but mostly enjoy the ride.”

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