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Freshers: Hidden gems on campus

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Are you on the hunt for things to do right here on campus? Good news! As a student, you’ve got a bunch of resources at your fingertips that’ll not only amp up your learning but also make your time here more satisfying. So, let’s spill the beans on some of the coolest hidden gems you can find on campus.


For all you poetry lovers! The Manchester Poetry Library is the first free poetry library in the North West. It’s home to an amazing collection of modern poetry in lots of different languages. From books to recordings, they’ve got it all! Plus, if you’re tired of the regular library, this is a cool alternative spot to study and get inspired. The team also hosts a year-round programme of events including poetry workshops, book launches and fascinating talks. So, the next time you’re in the mood for some poetic vibes, head straight here. Grosvenor East, Ground Floor.


Feeling creative? Get ready to explore the Make More Store. This place is super convenient and offers a fantastic range of supplies for all of your projects. Whether you’re a graphic design, fashion or art student, this place is your go-to resource. They stock a large range of paper and art supplies, fabric and haberdashery items. You can also find sublimation and inkjet printers which you can book online using the Connect2 system. So, no more waiting around – just hop online, book your slot. The store accepts card payments as well as Met Cards. Chatham, CH1.14.


Have you heard about Print City? Home to facilities for 3D printing, the team collaborates with many departments across the university. Now, you might be wondering, ‘How can I learn to use all that fancy software for 3D printing?’ Well, worry not! There are courses on ‘Fusion 360 Essential Training’ available on LinkedIn Learning. And here’s the best part: if you’re a Manchester Met student, you can access it for free through the MMU library. Happy printing! Turing House, Phoenix Way.


Check out this great hangout spot on the fourth floor of the Benzie Building. It’s a great place to take in some fresh air and views of the Manchester cityscape. The terrace also doubles up as an exhibition space too. If you’re into sustainable dye making, you can find the dye garden up here. It’s perfect for all you eco-conscious students who want to experiment with making dyes in the print room. Benzie, Manchester School of Art.


Hungry? Get ready to satisfy those food cravings at the Hub Food Court, your one-stop destination for yummy eats right on campus. It’s super convenient to grab a bite between classes. For breakfast, The Deli has got your back! From 8am to 11am, they’re serving up some delicious morning goodness. Picture this: breakfast muffins, five-item breakfast boxes, or beans on toast – all part of the new campus saver range. You can indulge in a variety of cuisines from around the globe, including Asian, Italian, and more. So, next time you’re feeling hungry or want to try something new, head over. Bon appétit! Business School, Ground Floor.


Manchester Met now has a newly refurbished Muslim Prayer Rooms for students. The chaplaincy offices are here too, where you chat with the friendly chaplains and Student Services staff if you need any support. You can find this relaxing space right in the heart of the campus – in the Cavendish building. Friday Prayers will start at the beginning of the new academic year. Cavendish.


Dining on a budget? Freshly launched ‘Bring and Ping’ spaces have popped up to support students during the cost-of-living crisis. You’re invited to use the free microwave facilities, when bringing in your own food and drinks to enjoy on campus. There’s also a common room that serves as a space for eating and unwinding. Remember to bring your own mugs, plates, cutlery, as well as any other items you require for a chilled low cost lunch. Geoffrey Manton, GM 1.14.

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