Featured Artist Spotlight: Amine Ugur on how the city looks to her

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At aAh! we aim to shine a spotlight on our talented student community. To celebrate the launch of The FRESHERS Issue 23/24 and our ‘Welcome Home to Manchester’ theme, we caught up with this issue’s shortlisted featured artists.

Amine Ugur is an artist from London who is currently in her third year studying Textiles in Practice at Manchester Met. She has an unwavering passion for surface patterns, vibrant colours, and exquisite fabrics and her creative journey is deeply influenced by the organic and dynamic essence of city life, which she masterfully translates into her drawings and digital prints.

Amine draws inspiration from iconic figures like fashion and textile designer Zandra Rhodes and American artist Jean Michel Basquiat, infusing her work with a unique blend of urban energy and artistic flair. We caught up with Amine about her work, how the city should be represented, and her advice to other artists.

Amine Ugur piece shortlisted for The FRESHERS Issue 23/24.

Amine, can you tell us a bit about what inspired your The FRESHERS Issue submission?

I created this piece to show the vibrancy of Manchester. I do a lot of observational drawing in my work because it captures the chaos and energy which I would not be able to translate onto paper if it was from a photograph or memory. 

What are your favourite mediums to work with and why?

I use a variety of different mediums to create different mark makings and textures, however some of my favourites include charcoal, inks and acrylics. I like using these because I enjoy not being able to completely erase any marks I make, which add character to my pieces.

What artists do you respect the most?

Mark Rothko, Jean Basquiat and Lee Krasner play a huge inspiration in my work due to their abstract, vivid use of colour, and abrupt mark making. I focus on the characteristics of an Abstract Expressionism movement by emphasising harsh line-work, bold colours and emotion into my work.

What does Manchester mean to you?

Manchester represents a unique blend of history, culture, and community. It’s a city with a more intimate feel and striking architectural tells. However, what sets Manchester apart is its strong sense of community. It’s not just a city; it’s a place where people genuinely connect and want to be a part of something special.

What have you noticed about the art scene here? 

The vibrant art and music scenes add a modern edge, making it a place of creative inspiration. Street art plays a big part in the art scene in Manchester, which inspires the colours and patterns in a lot of my pieces.

What advice would you give new students who want to get more involved in art?

I’d always recommend just going outside and drawing anything! Don’t think too much about a solid plan or focus too much on what you want to draw, just do it and see what happens. Manchester is full of art galleries and events so there is always something to get inspired from. 

Follow Amine on Instagram @amine.textiles.

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