Creative Submission: ‘If I could power the world with feet’ by Dan Hughes

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Featured Illustration: Georgia Harmey
Lisa Silva

If I could power the world with feet

heat would flood my torso 

and fire up the furnace

of a million lights inside

the embers of kinetic chance

glinting in minds’ eye.

The power would cause dominos

that generate new life

in places dark and dank—

a little piece for everyone

free from power banks,

yes, we would be the breeze

striding staunch and free,

omitting fossil force

with communal energy.

If I could power the world with feet—

I’d give it all to you,

then you would pay it forward

and turn the tables true.

Dan is a content writer by day and a scribbler of oddball prose by night. He is also partial to the odd beer, the bass guitar, and the musings of Charles Bukowski. 

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